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Here are the 13 Best Forex Books For Traders

For beginners and more advanced traders alike, there are a lot of areas to learn.

That includes technical analysis, fundamental analysis, price action, economic indicators, algorithmic trading, risk management, trading psychology, and more.

If you go through Amazon, for instance, and search for the best forex books or the best books on trading the currency markets, you’ll notice hundreds if not thousands of titles available.

Fortunately, I’ve sourced through almost every book you can get. With it, I’ve narrowed down the best book for each major topic you need to trade forex profitably.

The Best Forex Books for Beginners

Currency Trading for Dummies, 3rd Edition

Authors: Kathleen Brooks, Brian Dolan Publication Date: January 2015

In Currency Trading For Dummies (3rd Edition), you’ll find an introduction to the forex markets, as well as ts major economic drivers.

The Best Forex Books for Technical Analysis

Author: John J. Murphy Publication Date: January 1999

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