Career Advice: Worst Pieces Business Owners Ever Received

Where do you turn to for advice when changing careers or starting a new job? Maneuvering a successful career path can be difficult, and we tend to welcome any help.

No matter the milestone you are approaching, there is always someone with the advice they feel you should heed.

We asked nine professionals about the worst career advice they have ever received. The painful truth is lousy career advice is in abundance, and from their responses, that is not changing anytime soon.

Here are the top pieces we've received for the worst career advice ever:

"Just quit!"

Sometimes you are so miserable in a job that you want to quit immediately. Amanda Kay of My Life, I Guess suggests a more rational reaction.

Amanda Kay states, "Some jobs are terrible, but that doesn't mean you should just quit them. Quitting a job is a big deal! You could be unemployed for months and have no way to support yourself or your family.

Tim details his experience, "I did a lot of temp work when I was younger, one day I asked my then manager whether the company was going to keep me on at the end of the contract and offer me the elusive permanent role.

"Fit in with the team."

He said that if my face fitted into the team, there was a good chance I could be kept on. There I was doing the best job I could, and it simply came down to whether you could talk about your football team after the weekend games.

Jason Butler was advised to focus on education, and everything would fall into place afterward.

"Go to college, and the job will come."

He said, "In the past, the above statement might have been true, but unfortunately, that's not the case anymore. You can't just go to college and expect an excellent, high-paying job afterward.

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