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Donald Trump Reveals His Republican Hitlist

Trump took to Truth Social to air his list of Republican lawmakers who he considers to be political opponents who either retired or are due to retire from office.

My Way or No Way

The point Trump seems to be making with his list is that Republican lawmakers who oppose or criticize him fall upon hard times in one way or another. Or just end up retiring.

The list was meant to be a redirection of the blame for the midterm losses in the Republican Party.

Many Republicans blamed Trump, who endorsed many of the candidates.

He notoriously said that if Republicans took a sweeping victory, the credit should go to him, and if they lost, he was not to blame.

Trump also notably blamed Republicans’ strict abortion stances for their losses.

He believes that the exceptions of non-consensual intercourse, non-consensual intercourse with a family member, and saving the life of the mother should all be accepted by Republicans.

I’ve Got My Eye on You

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