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Want to Earn Money More Efficiently Through Investing? Here are Top Tips

If you’re thinking about working extra hours or getting a part-time job, stop… or not. Just know that it’s not the best way that you can earn more.

Here’s one truth more painful than stepping on a Lego: hard work doesn’t always pay well.

Think about the richest people in the world right now. Although they’ve paid their dues and still work hard, it’s physically impossible for the 0.1% to work thousands of times harder than your average Joe.

Yet they make so much. Well, there’s a trick to those massive incomes.

The average American college graduate earns $60,000/year working 45-hour weeks.

“That’s great!” you might think.  I’m not saying that $60,000 is bad, but you can do better. All you need to do is stop relying on a job or a side hustle to get money.

Two reasons you shouldn’t get too comfortable at $60,000: REASON#1. It will take you 16.67 years to get to your first million.

Implement a 1 hour/month investing plan in just 3 steps!

You don’t have to spend months studying about investing before actually getting started.

Keep it simple. Focus on just one thing, and be great at it! The exact methods or strategies you choose aren’t terribly important, but having a strategy is important.

Then if you follow a strategy ruthlessly, and ignore the financial noise, you can invest with very minimal effort and time.

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