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7  Things You Should Know About Eminem's Net Worth and Other Facts

Most of us are familiar with Slim Shady's slick rap tunes and could probably sing along to songs like "Rap God."

But, while most of us probably know the lyrics to "Without Me," there's probably quite a bit you don't know about Eminem's net worth.

Keep reading if you're ready to get the dirty details on Eminem's private financial life. Here are seven things you need to know about the rap star's net worth and a few other intriguing facts.

Eminem's Net Worth and Other Facts

1) His Total Net Worth is $230 Million

While there's no question about Eminem's talent, many people are surprised to hear that Eminem's net worth is around $230 million as of 2022.

Eminem's cash flow comes largely from tours, although he's also made a good chunk of money from selling his records.

2) The Cards Were Stacked Against Him

Even though Eminem has had a highly successful music career, he has had odds stacked against him since the beginning.

You see, Eminem had a troubled past, dealing with issues like childhood abandonment and bullying in school. Things got particularly bad in 1997 when he was evicted from his LA home.

3) He's Great With Money

While you often hear of rockstars squandering their wealth on large purchases, Eminem doesn't. He once said he forewent an expensive watch purchase "because I don't want to get a scratch on it."

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