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Get Free Stocks - 13 Ways You Can Get Free Shares Right Now

Is a lack of money keep you from investing? Stop putting off planning for your future when there are endless ways you can get free stocks and get in the investing game today without requiring much money.

Too many people wait too many years before they begin to invest. Some don't have the knowledge to get started and have no idea what to invest in, but many people have the misconception that it takes a large amount of money to begin investing.

So if you've been holding back until you save or earn more money, you're in the right place. Earning free stocks is one of the best ways to start investing, grow your investment portfolio, and build wealth.

How To Get Free Stocks

13 Apps With a Free Stock Offer

These 13 legitimate investment companies offer bonuses or a free stock program. Score anywhere from $2 to $1,600 in free stocks or bonuses when you sign up to one of the platforms below.

1. TastyWorks

Instead of saving the best for last, we're giving it to you right off the bat. And, sure, while it may have a slightly misleading name for a financial institution, TastyWorks is our best choice for free stocks.

They offer low-cost trades with a big focus on educational content and helpful resources to help DIY investors.

2. Stash Invest

Stash is a bank and micro-investing platform, which means they allow you to purchase parts of shares - called fractional shares - and start investing with their mobile app for as little as $5.

3. Public.com

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