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2 Best High-Yield Energy Stocks Benefiting From Inflation

Every 10 years or so, inflation pops up and becomes a popular topic among the financial pundits.

But any inflation that has occurred for the last several decades proved to be very temporary. In fact, inflation hasn’t been a real problem in 40 years.

The common belief had been that this is a temporary aberration caused by the pandemic. The rapid crash and restart pandemic economy has broken supply chains. And many products aren’t making it to market.

Inflation Overview

Rising prices can be a psychological phenomenon as well as an economic one.

There are also reasons why inflation could be a lot stickier now than in past decades.

Inflation is commonly defined as “too much money chasing too few goods.”

I’ve already touched on the too-few-goods part. Supply chains are delicate and often begin overseas where things tend to be more screwed up. Supplies aren’t yet keeping pace with the cash-rich consumer.

High Yield Energy Stock: Valero Energy (VLO)

Oil and gas are essential commodities, the prices of which tend to outperform inflation.

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