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How to Invest in NFTs  (It’s Easier Than You Think)

If 2021 was the year the world collectively tried to get its head around what NFTs are, 2022 is the year to consider getting involved.

Whether you’ve been browsing Twitter and got jealous of all the Bored Apes Club profile picture

Or you’re interested in the grassroots power of NFTs to support artists, maybe that’s the conclusion you’ve come to as well.

But before you jump right in, you’ll need to know how to invest in NFTs in the first place.

How NFTs Work

Before we get too carried away with the finer details of investing, it’s important to quickly clear up what NFTs actually are — but feel free to skip this section if that’s old news to you.

NFT is short for non-fungible tokens, and the key element detail is the “non-fungible” element.

When it comes to currencies like US dollars or Bitcoin, there’s no difference between one unit of that currency and another.

You can buy the same things with the $5 in your pocket as you could with the $5 in somebody else’s pocket.

How to Invest in NFTs

Deciding Which NFT to Buy

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