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Real Estate Stocks: What They Are and How To Invest In Them

It’s funny how sometimes life can give small clues as to how you should be handling your finances.

For example, a few years ago, a minor snow skiing accident revealed my lack of diversity regarding investing.

You’re probably scratching your head, wondering what I’m talking about. Let me set the scene for you.

After getting off a ski lift in Beaver Creek, Colorado, a kid darted from behind, causing me to swerve to avoid killing both him and me. I fell on my wrist, but luckily it wasn’t a major injury. As a periodontist, that wrist (and hand) are my livelihood.

The incident quickly made me realize that I was relying solely on one income; practice income.

Some questions that popped into my mind at that time were: – What would I do for income if I would have broken my wrist?How would I provide for my family if I was permanently injured/disabled?

What Are Real Estate Stocks?

Real estate stocks can involve any publicly traded stock for a business that touches the real estate market in some shape, form, or fashion.

These can range anywhere from: – real estate brokers – technology companies – manufacturers – retailers – developers – financiers

Here are a few examples: – Zillow – Home Depot – Re/Max Holdings – CBRE Group – Toll Brothers

Buying Real Estate Stocks

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