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10 Bits of Investment Advice Experienced Investors Would Tell Their Younger Selves

Ten experienced money bloggers and finance professionals have taken the time to impart their hard-earned investment advice.

Whether you’re reading this at the age of 15 or 75, there’s sure to be something you can learn!

10 Investment Advices from Experienced Investors

1. Stop aiming for short-term results

Before we get to the nine expert investors I asked for advice, I wanted to share my own thoughts – what investment advice would I give?

The average true range is an oscillator whose calculation involves intricate mathematical formulae.

I’d probably tell my younger self to stop expecting short-term results.

2. Focus on passive income

Michael Dinich, the founder of Your Money Geek, has learned through experience that life and investment are tricky to predict.

Contrary to conventional financial advice, he doesn’t recommend going all-out with investing from the earliest age possible.

3. Take advantage of compound interest

Unlike Michael, Keith is a keen advocate of investing early to take advantage of compound interest.

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