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Jim Jones Net Worth and Other Facts


Jim Jones — real name Joseph Guillermo Jones II — is a rapper, music producer, and entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $400,000.

He first found fame in the hip-hop group the Diplomats, before going on to achieve success as a solo artist and moving into other ventures, most notably as a music manager and record executive.

Despite being involved in many successful music and other projects over the years, Jim Jones’ net worth took a  hit due to a foreclosure on his luxury home.


Jones grew up in Harlem, a neighborhood near the Bronx. He was the son of an African American and a Puerto Rican, although he was raised by his maternal grandmother; he has two sisters, Precious and Keisha.

As you might expect from someone growing up in a rough neighborhood, Jones had a few run-ins with the law as he was growing up. In fact, one day he was expelled from school after being caught stealing from a local shop.

But despite the difficulties, his early life turned out to be the gateway to his career, as he developed an early love for music and would often skip church at his Catholic school to play his music at the train station.


In 1997, Jones formed the hip-hop group the Diplomats with his childhood friend Cam’ron.

Jones acted as a kind of hype man to Cam’ron. But thanks to Cam’ron’s success with his own album, the group signed with Jay-Z’s label Roc-A-Fella Records.

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