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20 of the Easiest Ways to Quickly Boost Your Credit Score

If you have a 650 credit score, you aren't alone.

This rating is one of the most common across the nation, and those who have it know that it creates a variety of lending difficulties.

Thankfully, it is possible to improve your bad credit score past this subprime rating and get the loans that you deserve.

Unfortunately, few people understand how to reach that goal on their own. That's why I've compiled the top 20 ways to improve your 650 credit score.

The Issue With a 650 Credit Score

A typical FICO score falls on a scale between 300 to 850. Very few people have credit that drops as low as 300-600.  to great” credit.

Those with a 650 credit rating are in an interesting spot because they are considered “fair.” Therefore, they shouldn't have difficulty finding a lender. However, this rate can also be regarded as subprime by some lenders.

The 20 Best Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

1. Start With a Credit Report

These reports will indicate how much you owe, your payment history, your types of credit, the number of accounts you possess, and how long you've been using credit.

2. Spot Errors in Your Report

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