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6 of the Best Personal Finance Apps You Should Look at for Investing and Saving

Once upon a time, any financial management beyond running a pen-and-paper budget used to be solidly out of reach for those who weren’t “in the know” or couldn’t afford advice from a professional.

But these days, you only have to head to the app store to see a wide array of apps that will let you harness the powers of saving and investing straight from your fingertips.

With so much choice on offer, it’s only natural to wonder where you should focus your attention — what sets the best personal finance apps apart from the mediocre?

The pandemic is a good example of circumstances coming together to push housing market prices to historical highs, and they've remained elevated without any indication of a drop.

Six of the Best Personal Finance Apps

“Personal finance apps” is a broad term that applies to everything from simple budgeting to creating a complex investment strategy.

1.) M1

Best for: Investors that want to access cashback and saving perks. – Fees: 0% (but M1 Plus is $125 a year)

M1 calls itself a “finance super app” thanks to the wide array of functions it performs.

It doesn’t just offer a way for you to invest but also has a reward card with 10% cashback, a checking account, and margin loans.

2) SoFi

Best for: All-round investing and personal finance app. – Fees: 0% (apart from cryptocurrencies).

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