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Tesla Stock Split: 5 Things Investors Should Know

On August 4, Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) declared that its shareholders had approved a 3-1 stock split for its shares.

A stock split, however, does not always imply that investors would receive better value for their money.

Five Things to Know about Tesla Stock Split

A company may split its stock if it feels that the price of its shares has risen to the point where an average investor cannot buy them.

1. Tesla's Stock Split Will Make it More Affordable

For most individual investors, Tesla has long carried a heavy price tag, with its stock price approaching $1,000 per share.

The 3-1 stock split will change all that and spur more retail investment in the company.

2. Why is Tesla Stock Splitting?

According to several experts, the Tesla split will increase the stock's availability for regular investors.

3. Tesla Stock Split History

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