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7 Best Ways to Transfer Money Internationally Easily

Whether you’re purchasing a product, paying someone for their work, or sending money to a friend or family member overseas, having the ability to easily transfer money internationally can help in everyday tasks.

So, just say you’ve made some quick money from the comfort on your couch and you want to open an app on your phone to send some of it to a friend.

This post reveals 7 websites with varying functions and structures that allow you to do just that.

Remember though, if you want the cheapest way to transfer money internationally, you won’t always get the best service.

Ways to Transfer Money Internationally Easily


Venmo is a free to use service that allows the instant transfer of money all over the world.

Venmo has you search for contacts via different identification such as email, phone number, name, or username.


PayPal is another free to use app and website that features very similar functions as Venmo. You can search for someone via phone number, email, name, or a link sent to you by the recipient.

Like Venmo, money can be transferred internationally and while it’s a well-known company, it comes with a flat fee of $2 USD when sending money with the account you have linked to your PayPal.

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