“It’s Gone” – The Chances of Getting Forgotten Property Back From a Hotel are Slim – Here’s Why!

A Holiday Inn employee and TikTok content creator addresses the issue of items lost at hotels and the frustrations it causes hotel workers in his latest video.

Life Behind the Scenes

Content creator Jake Ryan, known as @thinkjakeryan on TikTok, has created a new video that sheds light on a common occurrence at hotels—the issue of lost items.

Working at a Holiday Inn, Jake utilizes his workplace as a backdrop for his videos, giving viewers a glimpse into life as a hotel employee.

In this latest video, released on Tuesday evening and already garnering over 43,000 views, Jake is seen sitting at a computer terminal, engrossed in his work.

Suddenly, he looks up, capturing the attention of the audience. 

A Humorous Take

The text overlay on the video reads, “POV: A guest who previously stayed that lost an item and calls looking for it 20 times a day finally shows up to the hotel.”

Jake lip-syncs to audio that humorously exclaims, “All right, I’ve asked nicely, one, two, three, four—I don’t know how many times. Stop calling my house!”

The video sparked a flurry of comments from viewers, each sharing their own perspectives on the situation.

One commenter playfully imagined what the former guest might say, stating, “Well, it was definitely there,” to which another responded with a witty comeback, “Ok, well I’ll tell you it definitely isn’t.”

Reflecting on their own experience, another viewer reminisced, “I remember I left my DS in a hotel, and it was GONE within an hour.”

It’s Gone

Among the comments, one individual revealed, “People leave their wedding rings all. The. Time. Please stop asking me about it; I do not have it.”

Offering a general piece of advice for those who have left something behind, another viewer quipped, “That stuff is gone.” 

Sharing their frustration with persistent guests, someone else shared, “No, because they think they’re so smart when they pull the ‘well, can you check CCTV’ card. Like, yeah, let me just get our investigation department on that right now!”

A Common Occurence

A survey conducted by Kelton Global on behalf of G6 Hospitality, the company behind Motel 6 and Studio 6, reveals that over half of travelers (54 percent) have left something behind in a hotel room, with clothing and toiletries being the most commonly forgotten items, followed by electronic devices/chargers, jewelry, underwear, and hair styling tools.

When it comes to checking their hotel rooms before departure, millennials are slightly less vigilant than older generations.

74 percent of millennials compared to 84 percent of older Americans take that extra look, resulting in millennials admitting to leaving behind an average of four items, while older generations typically abandon three items. 

A Glimpse Into Hotel Life

However, it is worth noting that 38 percent of millennials have retraced their steps to retrieve their forgotten belongings, compared to 33 percent of non-millennials.

His videos highlight the various challenges and frustrations faced by hotel workers, including encounters with demanding guests who visit the front desk for trivial items and those who help themselves to snacks without considering the charges.

Jake Ryan’s TikTok videos provide an entertaining and relatable glimpse into the experiences of hotel employees, shedding light on the amusing and sometimes exasperating situations they encounter daily.

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