He Was Fed up With His Junkie College Roommate, so He Left Them With a Huge Mess to Clean up When He Moved Out

In the late 80s, Stan had a terrible roommate. He was assigned a college roommate with other priorities besides studying and respecting others’ property. So when it came time to move out, Stan decided to take matters into his own hands and seek revenge. How did he get his revenge? Read on to find out.

His First Year of College

Stan was excited to start his first year of college, but his living situation was less than ideal. Due to the limited on-campus housing options, he got assigned to old and outdated off-campus housing. Despite this setback, he was determined to make the most of it.

Initially, Stan was supposed to share the apartment with a girl named Millie, but she ended up dropping out of school just before the semester began. Stan wasn’t too worried since he had planned on cooking his own meals and had a part-time job to cover his expenses. However, things quickly took a turn for the worse when Millie finally showed up.

A Less Than Ideal Roommate

From the moment Millie moved in, Stan knew he was in trouble. While he was focusing on studying and learning, Millie was more interested in using drugs and practicing Scientology!

Despite her wealthy parents giving her a substantial allowance and a brand-new car, Millie never seemed to have enough money for food. She would often take Stan’s food without permission and offer to share her own purchases with him. But, since she only spent her money on drugs and Scientology, Stan was never interested.

Stan quickly realized that he didn’t want to be around Millie and her lifestyle, so he spent most of his time at his Grandma’s house instead of their shared apartment. Unfortunately, this didn’t stop Millie from causing more problems.

She decided to move her friend into the apartment without consulting Stan. Since the school considered Stan to be living in the apartment, he had no say in the matter.

She Had Trashed the Place

As Christmas break approached, Stan knew he had to move out of the apartment for good. However, since he still had a lease on the apartment, he had to check it out with housing. When he entered the apartment, he was horrified to find that it was beyond trashed. There was drug paraphernalia, empty bottles, and evidence of drug use everywhere. If the police had seen it, they would have immediately arrested him.

The RA (Resident Assistant) responsible for the apartment building was just as shocked as Stan when he saw the state of the apartment. He warned Stan that he had to clean it up before he returned from class.

Stan had no idea where Millie was; since this was before cell phones, he couldn’t call her. So, he called a friend, and they started cleaning up the mess together.

They Cleaned It Up

They threw out everything in the apartment that wasn’t there when Stan first moved in.

Coffee table items, expensive silk pillows that Millie’s parents brought back from the Orient, lamps, fans, couch blankets, and the rug on the floor all went into trash bags. Since Stan was leaving and didn’t want to attract bugs, he even threw out all the food. He threw away everything that the school didn’t provide for the apartments.

Stan’s actions were not only a way of getting revenge on his terrible roommate but also a way of teaching her a lesson. He had had enough of her behavior, and he wanted to make sure that she knew that he was not going to tolerate it any longer.

Time to Activate the Revenge Plan

But Stan didn’t stop there. He wanted to make sure that the apartment was completely unusable by anyone else. So, he and his friend scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom until they shone. Then, they squeezed silicon down the drains to make them completely blocked.

They also put a strip of sealant (heavy-duty glue) on both the tops of the doors and down the hinge side. Stan knew Millie would be liable for the repairs, so they went scorched earth!

Stan made sure to leave the cleaning supplies on the counter to show that they had been used and went to ask the RA to inspect the apartment one final time. As they went around each area, Stan asked the RA to pull the door shut, and he did, sealing each door shut as he went!

He Stood Up for Himself

In the end, Stan felt a sense of satisfaction that he had stood up for himself and taken action against a terrible roommate.

He knew that it may not have been the most mature or responsible thing to do, but it felt good to get some petty revenge. And who knows, maybe Millie and her friend learned a lesson from the experience.

Have you ever had a terrible roommate, and how did you handle the situation? Did you resort to revenge or find a more diplomatic solution?

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