Who Is Kim Kardashian’s New Boyfriend?

The glamorous Californian mega-influencer has piqued our interest with juicy hints at a budding romance in her life. 

A Busy Love Life

After weathering the storm of her divorce from Kanye West, Kim Kardashian has resurfaced in the dating scene, seeking a worthy match.

Following her whirlwind nine-month fling with comedian and SNL star Pete Davidson, which ended abruptly in early 2022, the pressing question is: Who is the next lucky man in Kim’s life?

Fortunately, the reality star has dropped a few breadcrumbs in the juicy new trailer for the next season of The Kardashians.

Enter the Elusive “Fred”

In a scene from the new trailer, Kim can be seen engrossed in a text conversation on her phone, when an offscreen  producer asks, “Is that Fred?” 7

Though she does not deliver a direct answer, her mischievous smirk reveals more than her words ever could.

So, who exactly is this “Fred”?

The trailer further includes a clip in which Kim delves into her dream man’s attributes. She playfully recites a long list of criteria from her notes app, describing the qualities that she deems necessary in a potential life partner. 

“Number one, protect me. Number two, fight for me. Number three, good hygiene. I mean, I think that’s a given, I should take that off. Number four, calm. Five, no mom or dad issues. Six, patient. Seven, supportive.

Genuinely happy for me. Successful. Good teeth. Spontaneous. Fun. My friends and family love him. Someone that can be a role model for my kids, especially that my boys can look up to. No heavy baggage—I have enough.

Taller than me. Someone that loves to work out. A motivated person. An independent person that’s not clingy. And someone with good taste.”

Kim’s Standards Leave No Room for Doubt: She Knows Exactly What She Wants

The list is exhaustive, but if anyone is entitled to being picky it is, Kim Kardashian.

As the trailer progresses, she reveals a few more easter eggs  regarding the true identity of “Fred.” In another intriguing clip, Kim engages in a conversation with Scott Disick, a longtime friend of the Kardashian clan, about the location of her initial meeting with Fred.

Unfortunately, the name of the referenced New York City restaurant is bleeped out, but the snippet still provides some details about their meet-cute.

Where Did Their Paths First Cross?

Kim reveals, “What’s so funny is my friends wanted me to meet someone, so we go to New York, and we go to [bleep].”

A metropolis such as New York City presents countless possibilities, leaving fans wondering which place she is referencing.

Kim adds, “That’s like my spot because there’s a private room downstairs, but then on the internet, it was like, ‘Kim reconnects with Pete [Davidson] at this place’.

Furthermore, she discloses, “it was the place I would go and have my secret dinners with Pete, and he’s probably like, I know what she’s up to.”

Finally a Happily Ever After?

While this news may not bode well for Pete Davidson, it undeniably stirs a sense of excitement in Kim’s fanbase. With that said, the burning question remains: who exactly is this mystery man known as “Fred”?

Some Instagram gossip reporters, notably Deuxmoi (@deuxmoi), have posited an intriguing theory suggesting that Fred could be none other than Daniel Humm, a celebrated vegan chef based in the heart of NYC.

Nevertheless, this rumor remains unconfirmed, as one source claims that Kim Kardashian herself is completely unaware of Humm’s existence.

Who Will Be Next?

As we patiently wait to learn more about Kim’s latest love interest, the spotlight continues to shine on her captivating love life.

These recent rumors come just weeks after a bout of wild speculation that Kardashian was romantically involved with none other than Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, following his high-profile divorce from Gisele Bündchen.

However, these rumors have been discounted, but in the meantime, it’s undeniably entertaining for us to speculate about who will ultimately claim the title of Mr. Kim Kardashian.

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock / Asatur Yesayants.