Wife Accidently Books a NAKED Hotel – But Her Husband Is Having None of It!!!

A booking error left this husband red in the face at a clothing-optional hotel in Key West. Read the full story. 

Vacation Mishap

In the Country Mornings with Ayla Brown show, Ayla spoke with Alex who shared his recent vacation mishap and asked for the listener’s thoughts.

The story begins with Alex and his wife who prepared for their dream trip to Key West. Their anticipation, however, soon turned into a mix of disbelief and discomfort.

It was discovered, much to Alex’s dismay, that the hotel his wife had booked was a nudist hotel. Imagining a peaceful and relaxing vacation in the presence of unclothed strangers was far from his idea of an ideal getaway.


Given that the hotel reservation is nonrefundable, the situation became more complicated. Plus OP doesn’t want to go since he doesn’t feel comfortable doing so.

Alex says that his wife can sometimes just do things without thinking when she’s in a hurry.

His wife said that they can just go and have some fun and not care about the nude situation, but Alex does not want to go through it because he does not feel at ease being around naked people.

As a result, OP is not sure what to do.

Feeling on Edge

Alex says he yearned for a peaceful and serene vacation, not one where he would constantly feel on edge. He couldn’t help but wonder if there was a compromise that could satisfy both their desires.

So he talked with Ayla and asked for listeners’ views.

Ayla posted on Twitter a poll to ask whether they should “Live A Little. Go For It” or not go as “No Clothes? No Way!”

Live a Little? No Way!

More than 70 percent of listeners voted for them to go and while less than 30 percent voted for no.

Plus one comment in the tweet read, “My husband and I went to a motel down by the Cape Cod Canal, and as soon as I was dressed and put my pajamas on the Stop phone started ringing and the guy on the other end kept talking about my body. It was really creepy so that could happen.”

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