Woman Broke In and Is Illegally Squatting in Ex-Boyfriend’s Home but the Law Is on HER Side!

Imagine owning a property and being confronted with a bewildering situation where a tenant’s ex-partner, who hadn’t resided there for three or four months, and whose name isn’t on the lease, breaks a window and starts living in your home. 

Bizarre Legal Obstacles

Naturally, one would assume that the person is trespassing and that the police would promptly remove them from the property without hesitation. However, according to a TikToker named Steve, who goes by the username @magicmansteve, this assumption proved to be completely wrong as he recounted the bizarre legal obstacles he encountered.

Apartment Left Empty

Steve narrates his astonishing tale, explaining, “Here’s a crazy landlord case with a tenant you probably won’t believe. So we have a couple that moves into one of my houses, boyfriend/girlfriend, he’s on the lease, and he rents it from us, she’s not on the lease. So they have a fight. And for whatever reason, he moves out to New York, but he’s still paying because it’s his apartment, his house.”

As Steve continues his story, he reveals that the girlfriend no longer resides in the apartment building, leaving the place that the boyfriend is renting from him unoccupied.

Ex Breaks In

However, things take a peculiar turn when he states, “Then we find out, three or four months go by, nobody’s in the house for three or four months, but he’s paying us, so be it. Then she’s in the house. Three or four months later, she breaks in through the window.” 

As eerie background music enhances the suspense of Steve’s narrative, he describes the woman’s illicit activities within the house, exclaiming, “We find out from him that she’s in the house, and she’s not supposed to be there because it’s his house and he’s the person on the lease, which he’s right. So we go down there, we call the police to get her out of the house.”

Harassment Claims

At this point, Steve finds himself unexpectedly burdened with a situation he never anticipated, stating, “She’s saying we’re harassing her. We’re harassing her. She broke the window to get into the house, so now we have a broken window on the house, and it’s not her place to even be there.”

Steve further highlights the absurdity of the woman’s harassment claim, expressing, “And she hasn’t lived there for three or four months because she left the boyfriend and they separated or whatever they did. And he’s telling us she doesn’t belong there, she shouldn’t be there, it’s my place, blah, blah, blah.” 

She Gets to Stay

The TikToker emphasizes that whatever his tenant chooses to do with his time away from the apartment is his own business, speculating that he might be subletting the place for the summer. Regardless of the reason, it should be of no concern to him.

Undeterred, Steve continues his story, “So, what happens? Do the police escort her out of the house? No. We have to go to court. Of course, we have to go to remove a vagrant from the house, a squatter, whatever you want to call them, right? So she gets to stay in the house that she broke into, that’s not her house.”

Not Guilty

To further compound the madness, Steve reveals that the woman files harassment charges against him, thrusting him into a courtroom where he must plead not guilty to harassment charges “for harassing this lady who broke through a window, climbed into our house. 

With disbelief, the TikToker shares that despite the woman breaking into his house, the police allowed her to remain in the home, forcing him to undertake the formal eviction process for someone whose name isn’t on the lease and who hasn’t been a resident of the building for months.


As Steve’s story unfolds, he recounts the perplexing events during his first court appearance with the woman. He describes how the mediator, rather than immediately involving a judge, initiates a discussion in a separate room. The mediator asks, “How much rent does she owe you?” to which Steve responds, “She doesn’t owe us anything because she doesn’t belong there.”

In a confounding response, the mediator suggests, “Well, you have to work something out.”


Steve struggles to express the sheer absurdity of the situation, questioning the mediator, “What if she moved into your house? What would you work out?” In return, the mediator chides him, saying, “Oh, don’t be rude to me, sir. I’m not being rude; I’m just trying to explain to you.”

Diverse Reactions

The TikToker’s post elicited diverse reactions from viewers. 

“If rent paid what do you care it’s up to him to kick her out are you trying to play the sheriff?” one user wrote. 

“It’s sad that someone who broke into your property initially has more rights than the homeowner. You’re a very patient man,” another said. 

“I don’t understand why it is your job to evict her? As far as you are concerned your rent is paid. You have no claim,” someone added.

Steve’s recounting of the landlord nightmare he experienced serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the complexities that can arise when dealing with unexpected and challenging situations involving tenants.

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