Her Cousin Burnt Her Textbook So She Put Spicy Pepper Juice in His Underwear, Are They Even?

A young woman got revenge on her combative cousin by putting pepper juice in his underwear after he burned her textbook.

A few years ago, a young woman’s cousins moved in with her and her family. 

The house originally was the young woman, her sister, stepdad, and mom. Her father’s girlfriend could no longer handle living with one of the children, Rick, who was 16 years old, so he moved in with the young woman’s family. 

Rick was constantly combative and tried to assert his dominance over the young woman and her sister, although he was always unsuccessful.

One day, Rick burned the young woman’s school textbook while attempting to cook noodles. The young woman’s mother forced her to pay for the damaged textbook.

While partly at fault for leaving the book near the stove, she was still angry and spent the week thinking of a way to get revenge. 

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During this time, she became increasingly fed up with Rick’s lack of personal hygiene, as he had not showered for at least two weeks, and his odor was becoming unbearable.

The young woman decided to take a large spicy pepper, rub some of its juice on the crotch of Rick’s underwear when he was gone, and place it on top of his clean underwear pile. 

It wasn’t until over a week later that Rick woke up screaming in pain. The young woman had forgotten what they had done and ignored Rick until their crying became too annoying to avoid.

The young woman’s mother tried to figure out why Rick’s privates were hurting and assumed it was a UTI due to his lack of personal hygiene. 

The young woman also thought this was a possible explanation and suggested that Rick go shower. 

However, Rick refused and told the storyteller to “go pound sand.” 

The mother reluctantly took Rick to the doctor while the young woman ate their cereal.

It wasn’t until she was in class that she remembered what she had done and began to feel guilty. 

When she returned home, she found Rick sobbing and tried to get them to shower and change clothes, but Rick screamed at her to leave him alone, so she did.

SheLovesToDraw said, “I’m more disgusted by the fact you put the pepper underwear at the TOP of his clean underwear pile and he didn’t slip them on until after a WEEK had passed!”

ShawnaLane wondered about his mental health. She responded, “Really gross, but the fact that he still refused to shower makes me wonder if he had some sensory issues or fears. That is not normal.”

One Redditor said, “He may not have showered, but you can bathe in glory.”

What do you think? Did this revenge go too far? What would you have done?

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