A Wrong Number Was Making Her Life a Misery but She Got Revenge by Taking Matters Into Her Own Hands

Wait until you hear this hilarious story about how a wrong number led to petty revenge. 

Wrong Number Debacle

Dana never expected to find herself in the midst of a wrong number debacle, but fate had other plans. Buckle up for this rollercoaster ride of hilarity.

Let’s set the scene: about seven or eight years ago when Dana acquired a new phone number. Little did she know that the previous owner of that number had left behind a trail of bad financial decisions. 

As a result, debt collectors began harassing poor Dana, oblivious to the fact that she was not the elusive “Rebecca” they sought.

This continued for eight long months, with one persistent debt collector from a well-known cruise line taking the crown for incessant calls.


Imagine Dana’s predicament: pregnant and bombarded by calls from the cruise line throughout her workday and late into the night every single day without fail.

It was an annoying experience. The constant ringing of her phone became an unwelcome soundtrack to her life.

In fact, one debt collector called so frequently that Dana instantly recognized their voice –  which speaks volumes about the frequency of these unwanted interactions!

Taking Matters into Her Own Hands

Fed up with the relentless harassment, Dana decided to take matters into her own hands.

She mustered up the courage to call back the cruise line that very night, determined to break through their robotic barriers and confront a human representative.

And boy, did she let loose. With a civil but assertive tone, she unleashed her frustration on the poor soul on the other end of the line, emphasizing her heavily pregnant state and the daily torment she endured.

Dana demanded an immediate end to the calls, or else she would take her family’s business elsewhere, effectively severing their ties with the cruise line’s competition.

The Line Goes Dead

Surprisingly, the calls from the cruise line ceased after that fiery confrontation, but the saga of debt collectors was far from over. Dana had to endure nearly a year of relentless daily calls from various other debt collectors, each one becoming a regular annoyance in her life.

However, the situation took an unexpected turn when an “old friend” started texting her. Dana repeatedly informed her that she had the wrong number, but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

The friend remained adamant that Dana was merely playing an elaborate prank and refused to accept the truth! 

Frustrated by her friend’s stubbornness she even threatened with a visit to “Dana’s house” to confront her about the alleged prank.

Revenge started brewing in Dana’s mind.

A Plan Was Forming

Since the previous owner of the number hadn’t moved in years, Dana saw an opportunity for some mischievous payback.

She decided to play along and told her “friend” that she was indeed the person she believed, inviting her to a grand party that very night!

Dana painted a vivid picture of an old college blowout, complete with copious amounts of alcohol, male entertainers, and an abundance of food.

Her friend was elated and even offered to pick up supplies on the condition that Dana would reimburse her later.

Of course, Dana agreed.


As the night progressed, Dana received minute-by-minute updates from her unsuspecting “friend” as she travelled across the city, and made her way to the party.

In return, Dana kept her friend informed about the hotness of the male entertainers and how she was missing out on the epic festivities!

The excitement reached its peak when Dana’s friend arrived at the designated address, knocking on the door, expecting a night of revelry.

Mischievous Delight

With mischievous delight, Dana informed her friend that she was in the back, enjoying a private show, and instructed her to knock harder, assuring her that someone would let her in. 

Five agonizing minutes passed before Dana’s phone exploded with enraged messages from her friend, berating her for the cruel deception.

Dana calmly reminded her that she had tried to warn her from the beginning, but her friend’s unwavering belief in her prankster theory had led to this unfortunate outcome!

The Truth Is Out

Dana seized the opportunity to deliver a message by capitalizing on her “friend’s” presence. She informed her “friend” that multiple debt collectors were eagerly seeking to speak with the previous owner of the phone number, the very person she was with!

Dana urged her to relay the message and begged her to stop using the old phone number for her shiny new and already maxed-out credit cards that arrived like clockwork every month.

Politeness intact, Dana concluded her request with a courteous “please and thank you.”

A Small Justice

Needless to say, her “friend” unleashed a string of expletives before storming off to return the unpaid-for alcohol with receipts in hand, a small act of justice in the grand scheme of things. 

After this incident, the harassing calls gradually stopped until, eventually, only calls from her loved ones reached Dana’s phone. She held onto that number for years, loving the silence of a debt-collector-free existence!

To this day, Dana finds herself chuckling at the memory of her wrong number revenge, proving that sometimes, life hands you the perfect opportunity to turn the tables. It’s a tale of triumph in the face of frustration, where a simple prank became a victorious strike against relentless debt collectors.

And for Dana, it’s a story she will cherish and laugh about for years to come.

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