How Do Credit Cards Work? Are They Valuable?

How Do Credit Cards Work

This article on How Credit Cards Work was published on Wealth of Geeks. We are republishing it here with their consent. Credit cards are a dominant form of payment, but how do they work exactly? Based on the enormous debt piled up on credit cards, many users don’t seem to know the answer to that … Read more

Ways You Can Buy a House With A Bad Credit Score

Bad credit

Wondering if you can buy a house with a bad credit score? Read this post by Gillian Manning to find out. It was originally published on Wealth of Geeks, we have received permission to repost it here Buying a home is integral to the “American Dream,” but it is increasingly out of reach for many … Read more

4 Easy Ways You Can Lower Your Interest Rates Right Now

lower your interest rates

Wealth of Geeks has permitted Wealthy Living to republish this excellent post on how to lower your interest rates. Credit cards and loans can be important assets in our lives – they help us get an education or build trust with banks for larger purchases like homes. But high-interest rates can mean danger. If you … Read more