“But Daddy I Don’t Like the Color!” Ungrateful Daughter Ditches Extravagant Gift and Doesn’t See the Problem It’s Not Her Fault It Wasn’t to Her Liking!

She gave away the expensive mixer her dad gave her for her birthday because it was the wrong color. Her dad wonders why she didn’t just exchange it. This is her full story.

An Expensive Gift

The Original Poster (OP) just celebrated her 24th birthday. As part of the festivities, her father visited her apartment and gave her a brand new gray metal KitchenAid stand mixer, valued at approximately $700.

She Didn’t Like it

Despite the generous gesture, OP did not request that specific gift and, to her disappointment, found the appliance unappealing.

The Wrong Color

Not only did the color not match everything else in her apartment, but the mixer was way too big and bulky for her kitchen space.

She Regifted It

When OP found out that one of her friends was moving to a different state, she gave the girl her new mixer as a going-away present. The friend loved it and was more than happy to lug it along to her new place.

Sleek Replacement

Meanwhile, OP’s considerate boyfriend went shopping and came back with a smaller, more sleek black stand mixer that perfectly complemented the apartment’s decor.

It looked right at home with all of OP’s other appliances.

She Was Happy, Now

OP was happy with how things turned out and excited to have a new appliance that was functional, and that looked great.

Her Dad Asked Questions

But during a recent visit, OP’s dad noticed that the gray stand mixer was gone, and he asked what had happened to it.

Bragging About BF

OP explained that she didn’t particularly care for the color or the size of the mixer, so she had given it away. She even bragged a little bit about how her boyfriend had kindly replaced it with the sleek black unit.

Dad Was Shocked

OP’s dad was shocked and told her that he had assumed she’d love the extravagant gift.

He was also surprised she thought it clashed with her other kitchen appliances since it was a neutral color.

He Was Hurt

More than anything, though, OP’s dad seemed hurt that she had ditched his gift so quickly, especially when he had paid so much for it.

Accused Her Dad of Not Caring Enough

OP made matters worse when she replied that if her dad had been more observant, he would have known that she just didn’t like gray in general. Everyone in the family and among her friends knew that about her, she said.

Mom Shames Her Brattiness

Not long after her dad left, OP’s mom called her up and told her that she had truly hurt her dad’s feelings. He had put a lot of thought and time into picking out the stand mixer for her, not to mention all the money he spent.

Her Mom Wants Her to Apologize

OP’s mom told her she needed to apologize to her father right away.

She Genuinely Doesn’t See the Problem

But OP doesn’t think she needs to apologize at all. She says her dad gave her the mixer as a gift, and there should be no strings attached. She should be able to do whatever she wants with it.

You’re So Ungrateful

Most Redditors think OP was way off base in this situation. They think she was ungrateful for the extravagant gift her dad gave her and that she treated him pretty poorly.

What’s the Appropriate Gift Etiquette?

Many commenters suggested that stand mixers like the one OP described come in many colors, so she likely could have exchanged it or asked her dad to exchange it.

You Owe Dad Seven Hundred Dollars!

Others say that if she was going to ditch the mixer, she should have told her dad so he could have at least gotten his money back.

At Least Say Sorry

Almost all of the commenters think OP should apologize to her dad and start to show more appreciation for the things he does for her.