17 Reasons Americans Are Choosing Travel Over Politics

In a time when American politics feels more like a reality TV show that’s jumped the shark, an increasing number of citizens are looking to reroute their stress and frustration into something more constructive—like finding the nearest exit. With passports in hand, they’re seeking solace, sanity, and savings beyond the star-spangled banner. Here’s a rundown … Read more

Transforming Your Financial and Personal Life Post-Divorce

Going through a divorce can be emotionally and financially challenging, but it’s also an opportunity to reassess your financial plan and life goals. Here are 20 steps to help you navigate this transition and build a brighter future: #1. Assess Your Financial Situation Take stock of your assets, debts, income, and expenses to understand your … Read more

Tesla Cuts Prices in Wake of Recalls and Sales Decline

Recently, things have been looking tenuous for the world’s biggest electric vehicle company, with Tesla announcing price drops for several high-ticket products. A Troubled Week for Tesla EV giant Tesla has cut prices on three of its models in the middle of a very tumultuous time, which included the recall of thousands of Cybertrucks and … Read more

Farewell, Oregon: 19 Reasons Residents Are Saying Goodbye

Oregon, known for its stunning landscapes and progressive culture, is experiencing a trend where many of its residents are choosing to relocate. Here are 19 reasons why Oregonians are looking beyond their state borders. 1. High State Taxes Oregon’s high income taxes are among the highest in the U.S., which can be a significant financial … Read more

California’s Cannabis Delivery Workers Secure Deal, Cancel 4/20 Strike Threat

Eaze Technologies and union negotiators announced on Wednesday they have reached a settlement to avoid a work stoppage across California on April 20, the marijuana industry’s busiest retail day of the year. Threat of Strike Nearly 600 workers threatened to strike after ongoing disputes over pay and working conditions. Eaze Company Background Workers from 11 … Read more

Middle Class Betrayed as Congress Favors Rich with Tax Cuts

Congress has passed a slew of tax breaks for the wealthy worth almost $300 billion under the guise of helping the average American. Investigating Secure 2.0 Politico’s latest investigation charts the course of a 2022 bill called the Secure 2.0 Retirement Savings Act and how it has expanded into the behemoth it is now. The … Read more

22 Historical Cities Where Living or Buying Property Comes at a Premium

Living in a historical city is akin to being in a live-in museum, surrounded by the echoes of the past. However, the charm and beauty of these cities come with a significant financial consideration. From stringent preservation laws that dictate renovations to the premium placed on properties within these coveted locations, the cost of living … Read more

19 Most Expensive States to Retire In

Dreaming of a stress-free retirement? Location is key, and some states, with their high costs of living and hefty taxes, can devour your retirement savings faster than you can say “401(k).” Let’s countdown to the most expensive states to retire in. Yes, we’re talking real numbers, so you can make informed decisions about where to … Read more

Social Security Retirement Age ‘Crazy’ According to BlackRock CEO

As people age, retirement planning can’t be overlooked. BlackRock’s CEO warns that retireme­nt systems, especially Social Se­curity, face challenges. With more­ retirees and fe­wer workers, funding become­s difficult, risking future benefit cuts. How Re­tirement Began and De­mographics Changed Retireme­nt at 65 years started long ago. But demographics have­ changed a lot since then. In the … Read more

15 Hidden Fine Print Traps for Budget Travelers

Budget travel packages may be the perfect example of everything that glitters isn’t gold. Despite the allure of cheap travel and the promise of savings, these seemingly economical options can harbor a multitude of unexpected pitfalls. From undisclosed fees to misrepresented accommodations, travelers must scrutinize these packages to avoid a major headache. 1. Hidden Fees … Read more