George Santos Anticipates Congressional Expulsion Amidst Allegations of Misconduct

Disgraced US congressman George Santos has admitted that he expects to be expelled from Congress after the US House ethics committee released a blistering report on his conduct while in Congress. Heated Conversations Online During a live conversation online, Republican congressman George Santos delivered an obscenity-laden speech against his colleagues while admitting that he fully … Read more

Arizona School District Investigates Teacher for Alleged Inappropriate Classroom Behavior

A public high school teacher in Mesa, Arizona, is currently on paid administrative leave following allegations that they wore devil horns and exclaimed “Hail Satan” to students while brandishing a pitchfork over their heads as they entered the classroom. Bizarre Incident at Mesa High School A shocking incident at Mesa High School in Arizona involving … Read more

President Biden Dismisses Claims of Business Conversations with Hunter as ‘Not True’

When questioned about his son Hunter’s business ties, President Joe Biden’s response stirred controversy. The White House is now on the defensive, asserting no involvement by Biden in Hunter’s dealings. This incident reignites debates about the President’s familial connections. The Questioning President Joe Biden recently faced a peculiar situation when Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy … Read more

Chinese Government Labels Biden’s Remarks ‘Extremely Absurd and Irresponsible

In a press conference concluding the U.S.-China summit in San Francisco, President Biden repeated his characterization of Chinese President Xi Jinping as a “dictator.” Here’s the whole story. The Press Conference During the press conference, a reporter questioned whether Biden would say President Xi is still a dictator. He’s a Dictator Biden replied, “Well, look, … Read more

Insurers Clash with Biden Administration Over Proposed Mental Health Care Regulations

As the mental health crisis deepens in America, a fierce debate is erupting between insurance companies and the Biden administration over coverage for mental health care.  New Rules The Biden administration proposes new rules to make mental health care more affordable. Insurance companies are opposing this, citing high costs and unachievable standards. Stakes for Consumers … Read more

Pierre Cardin – The Dark Side of Fashion’s Controversial Revolutionary Undermining Tradition and Christianity

In the ideal realm of fashion, timeless beauty is captured in the delicate flow of chiffon gowns and the gallant elegance of men’s suits, defining worldly masculinity. Fashion Turned Weapon Contrary to this vision, the last century witnessed a transformation of fashion into a weapon used to crush Christianity, obliterate tradition, and blur the lines … Read more

Efforts to Prevent President Biden’s Public Incidents Gain Momentum

President Joe Biden’s fitness to lead the nation has become a subject of increasing public concern; recently, the retired U.S. Army General Paul Vallely shared his concerns about Biden’s condition. Here’s what he said. Biden’s Health Is Diminishing Talking to the media, Vallely said, “Biden’s physical and mental capacity seems to diminish with each passing … Read more

“All Skinfolk Ain’t Kinfolk” – Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron Faces Offensive Radio Ad Accusations of Betraying His Race

A far-left political group funded by liberal billionaire George Soros has ignited a debate by running a radio ad in Kentucky that targets Attorney General Daniel Cameron, a Black Republican, with disparaging language. Here’s the whole story. The Ad Black Voters Matter Action PAC, an organization that has received significant funding from Soros’ super PAC, … Read more