Financial State of the States Report – 28 States Struggle with Revenue in Fiscal Year 2022

In the recently released 14th annual Financial State of the States report by Truth in Accounting, an analysis of the fiscal health of all 50 states reveals intriguing insights into their financial standing for fiscal year 2022. Revenue Challenges The report highlights that 28 states faced revenue challenges, struggling to meet their financial obligations in … Read more

Oliver Stone’s ‘JFK’ Film Sparks Renewed Debate Over Conspiracy Theories and Historical Accuracy

Oliver Stone, a Hollywood figure often associated with leftist ideologies, has a knack for being surprisingly accurate, even when his perspectives are dismissed. JFK and the Conspiracy Theory Label Stone’s Academy Award-winning JFK faced criticism for being labeled a conspiracy theory. Yet, recent events suggest he might have been closer to the truth than initially … Read more

Chicago’s Migration Influx Leads to Reallocation of State Housing Funds

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker’s decision to divert rental assistance funding to help pay for migrant care has sparked controversy and raised concerns among lawmakers and citizens. This move comes in response to the significant influx of non-citizen arrivals in Chicago after crossing the U.S. southern border. Chicago’s Migration Challenge Chicago has become the epicenter of … Read more

Guarding America: Texas’s Bold Measures to Strengthen Southern Border

In the face of the Biden administration’s struggles to maintain a safe and secure southern border, individual states must step up and take action. One state, in particular, has emerged as a resolute guardian of the nation’s borders – Texas.  Different ‘Mexican’ Border While the Texas National Guard has been instrumental in reinforcing the southern … Read more

Stone’s Critique of Casey DeSantis Sparks Backlash in Republican Circles

In a recent online exchange, Roger Stone, a long-time advisor to former President Donald Trump, took aim at Casey DeSantis, wife of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Crispi’s Reaction to Casey’s Campaigning Responding to a tweet by Republican candidate Mike Crispi, Stone criticized Casey DeSantis for repeatedly mentioning her children on the campaign trail. Casey DeSantis’ … Read more

Wyden Sheds Light on Hemisphere Program’s Trillions of Monitored American Phone Records

Democratic Senator Tom Wyden has once again brought to light the government’s extensive surveillance of trillions of American phone records, often conducted without proper warrants. Hemisphere  Under Scrutiny Senator Wyden urged the Justice Department to disclose information about the controversial Hemisphere phone surveillance program. Legal or Ethical? The initiative allowed various law enforcement agencies to … Read more

Scientists Facing Professional Isolation After Exposing Lab Characteristics in Virus

Over the past three years, individuals recognizing unusual patterns within the virus’s genetic sequence have faced immense challenges. The discovery of genetic inserts in the virus, resembling sequences from a Wuhan laboratory, led to accusations of scientific ostracism and ‘cancellation’ by mainstream media and professional colleagues. Suppression of Findings In the summer of 2020, a … Read more

Republican Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy Joins Criticism of “Pure Racism” Article

According to Just the News, Ohio’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultant, BWG Business Solutions, led by founder Janice Gassam Asare, is under investigation following the publication of her Forbes column on “decentering whiteness.” Vance’s Reaction Senator J.D. Vance, a prominent Ohio Republican, expressed strong disapproval of the article, labeling it “racist” and “gross.” Should Be … Read more