Silicon Valley’s Grip on the Economy is Tightening

The dominance of Silicon Valley’s tech giants has reshaped the global economy, raising concerns about monopolistic practices. How have these companies grown to hold such power, and what does this mean for competition and innovation? #1. Google’s Search Engine Supremacy Google controls over 90% of the global search engine market, making it virtually impossible for … Read more

Arizona Governor Blocks Bipartisan Bill Targeting Squatters

Squatters’ rights have been a hot-button topic around the country, but one Democratic governor has squashed a bill designed to protect the rights of property owners. Katie Hobbs Says No to Anti-Squatter Bill Katie Hobbs, the current governor and former Secretary of State of Arizona, has drawn ire from property owners in her state after … Read more

Warren Buffet’s Real Estate Business to Fork Out $250 Million in Lawsuit

An enormous nationwide lawsuit has caused several brokerages, including one owned by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, to cough up hundreds of millions. $250 Million Settlement A property brokerage owned by billionaire investor Warren Buffet will pay $250 million as part of a lawsuit settlement over coercive real estate agent commissions. Owned by Berkshire Hathaway The … Read more

FTC Fines Williams-Sonoma $3.2 Million Over Misleading “Made in USA” Labels

One company has received a record-breaking fine over misleading labels on their products.  $3.2 Million Settlement Kitchenware and furnishings retailer Williams-Sonoma will have to pay almost $3.2 million for violating a Federal Trade Commission order. Misleading Customers The company has been charged with using misleading advertising for its products, in particular labeling certain products as … Read more

McDonald’s Owner Battles Harsh Realities of California’s $20 Minimum Wage Surge

With California’s recent minimum wage hike, some fast-food franchises are desperate for new strategies to stay afloat.  California Minimum Wage In the weeks following California’s new minimum wage laws, which saw the fast food wage rate raised to $20 per hour, fast-food franchise owners have found themselves struggling to turn a profit due to labor … Read more

What You Need to Know About New York’s $237 Billion Budget Approval

After weeks of debate, negotiation, and a missed deadline, top lawmakers in New York have finalized the state budget. Budget Finally Passed New York finally passed its state budget. Though it was finalized three weeks after its April 1 deadline, lawmakers agreed on a $237 billion sum to be dispersed across multiple sectors. Different Sectors … Read more

Dave Ramsey Blasts Americans Faking Wealth

The controversial financial advisor made waves after slamming “‘faux rich’ Americans on Tiktok. The TikTok Finance Sphere Personal finance expert and radio personality Dave Ramsey has been garnering attention and backlash in the last few months for the impassioned rants, debates, and lifestyle advice he shares in TikTok videos.   A Critic of Pretenders Most recently … Read more

United Airlines Loses $200M Over Boeing Safety Issues

Among ongoing safety and security issues, the world’s foremost aircraft manufacturer is causing concern for some of the biggest airlines in the U.S. Boeing In Trouble Again? It’s blow after blow for Boeing, as the multi-national aircraft manufacturer faces a slate of safety concerns, security issues, compensation payouts, and pending lawsuits this year. Now, they … Read more