Financial State of the States Report – 28 States Struggle with Revenue in Fiscal Year 2022

In the recently released 14th annual Financial State of the States report by Truth in Accounting, an analysis of the fiscal health of all 50 states reveals intriguing insights into their financial standing for fiscal year 2022. Revenue Challenges The report highlights that 28 states faced revenue challenges, struggling to meet their financial obligations in … Read more

Oliver Stone’s ‘JFK’ Film Sparks Renewed Debate Over Conspiracy Theories and Historical Accuracy

Oliver Stone, a Hollywood figure often associated with leftist ideologies, has a knack for being surprisingly accurate, even when his perspectives are dismissed. JFK and the Conspiracy Theory Label Stone’s Academy Award-winning JFK faced criticism for being labeled a conspiracy theory. Yet, recent events suggest he might have been closer to the truth than initially … Read more

Experts Warn of Rising Social Isolation in the Digital Age

The White House recently reacted against House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry by demanding the withdrawal of subpoenas aimed at Biden family members and administration officials. Here’s the whole story. The Request The White House counsel Richard Sauber criticized the subpoenas as “unjustified” and labeled the overall inquiry as “illegitimate.”  Sauber’s letter, addressed to House Oversight Chair … Read more

Nevada Judge Rejects Ballot Measure for Constitutional Protection of Abortion Rights

In a significant legal development, a Nevada judge recently rejected a ballot measure proposed by Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom. This measure aimed at constitutionally protecting abortion rights, encompassing “all matters relating to pregnancy,” not just abortion. The decision has sparked a mix of reactions and sets the stage for a broader discussion on reproductive rights. … Read more

Colorado Paves Way for Nationwide Efforts Against Weight Discrimination

Colorado may be the least obese state in the U.S., but that isn’t stopping it from leading the way in fighting fatphobia. Will other states catch on to the idea? Tackling Weight Discrimination In an effort to combat weight-related discrimination, Colorado, renowned for its commitment to health, is introducing two pivotal bills aiming to address … Read more

Univision’s Trump Coverage Leads to Calls for Boycott from Latino Leaders

Donald Trump Tax Return

The top Spanish-language media company Univision is under much pressure for its controversial interview with former President Donald Trump. This has led to strong criticism from major Latino groups and a call for a boycott from actor John Leguizamo. Swift Backlash Major Latino groups expressed their discontent, delivering a critical letter to Univision’s executives while … Read more

Dr. Carl Blair Condemns YAF’s Freedom Week Project at Michigan Technological University

In a recent audio recording released by the Young America Foundation, Dr. Carl Blair, a history and anthropology professor at Michigan Technological University, strongly disapproves and insults the university’s YAF chapter. Here’s the full story. The Reason The controversial remarks were made following the YAF’s Freedom Week project, which involved constructing a mock Berlin Wall … Read more

Investigation Underway into Trump’s Discussions with Pratt on Submarine Secrets

The former president has been accused of sharing politically sensitive information with Australian businessman and billionaire Anthony Pratt. This adds to a long list of Trump-related controversies – including an ongoing New York fraud case – against the backdrop of the 2024 US presidential elections. Sensitive Discussions Reports have emerged that Donald Trump may have … Read more