Economic Alarm – Trump Predicts ‘Great Depression’ in Biden’s America

Former President Donald Trump claims that the U.S. economy is headed towards a “Great Depression,” fueling debate on the economy’s stability under the Biden administration. How well-founded are these claims, and what do they mean for the average American? Trump’s Dire Forecast At a South Dakota campaign rally, Donald Trump didn’t mince words when discussing … Read more

Legal Tug-of-War: Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Valuation Challenged in Court

The valuation of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate has become a hot-button issue. A New York judge recently sided with the state’s attorney general, accusing Trump of grossly inflating the property’s worth as part of a fraud lawsuit. Experts Weigh In Palm Beach real estate professionals consider the county’s valuation laughably low. What Is Mar-A-Lago? Located … Read more

Public Anger Over Wealthy Americans’ Tax Loopholes Amid IRS Leaks

The arrest of a Washington-based consultant, Charles Edward Littlejohn, for leaking confidential tax records of the wealthy, including former President Donald Trump, has thrown the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) into the spotlight. As the IRS faces scrutiny, questions arise about the security of taxpayer information, political motivations, and the need for a fair and transparent … Read more

Insurers Clash with Biden Administration Over Proposed Mental Health Care Regulations

As the mental health crisis deepens in America, a fierce debate is erupting between insurance companies and the Biden administration over coverage for mental health care.  New Rules The Biden administration proposes new rules to make mental health care more affordable. Insurance companies are opposing this, citing high costs and unachievable standards. Stakes for Consumers … Read more

Federal Budget Deficit Under President Biden Doubles to $2 Trillion in One Year, Significantly Impacting U.S. Economy

The federal budget deficit has doubled to $2 trillion under President Biden in just a year, significantly impacting Americans’ economy and financial well-being.  Official and Unofficial Numbers Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announced a deficit of $1.7 trillion for fiscal 2023. However, $300 billion in student debt cancellations makes the actual deficit $2 trillion. Previous Fiscal … Read more

Could Homeownership Be Easier for American Families? – Navigating Controversial Biden Policies

Navigating the maze of home buying could get simpler for American families. New policies introduced by the Biden Administration could be a game-changer for those looking to own a home. Bridging the Income Gap For many, homeownership remains elusive, particularly among low-to-middle-income families. New initiatives aim to make this cornerstone of the American Dream more … Read more

New York’s Financial Supremacy Threatened by Taxation and Business Environment

New York’s reputation as America’s financial powerhouse is under threat. High taxes and a less-than-friendly business environment have driven away high-earning residents, putting the state’s financial industry—and, by extension, its economy—at risk. The Empire State’s Decline New York is seeing a drop in its financial prowess. A recent study shows that the state’s status as … Read more

Goldman Sachs Retracts 2023 U.S. Government Shutdown Prediction, Warns of Potential Disruptions in 2024

The cloud of a potential government shutdown in 2023 has lifted, but not all is clear on the horizon. Goldman Sachs recently retracted its forecast for a U.S. government shutdown this year yet warned of possible disruptions in 2024. Shift in Predictions Goldman Sachs recently dropped its previous forecast that suggested a U.S. government shutdown … Read more

U.S. Stock Market Faces Turbulence in September, Raising Economic Concerns

The U.S. stock market is going through a tough time, causing concern for investors and raising questions about the overall health of the American economy. This downturn was particularly noticeable in September, a month historically notorious for poor stock market performance. The Impact on Everyday Americans While much of the attention focuses on Wall Street … Read more