Nikki Haley Expresses Doubt About Biden’s Ability to Serve Second Term

Florida governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis weighed in on the widespread concerns about whether Donald Trump and Joe Biden are too old to handle the presidency. DeSantis Addresses Opponents’ Ages Amidst growing national concerns about the ages of some of the United States’ leading politicians, Ron DeSantis has clarified his feelings on the … Read more

One Million Moms Takes Aim at Macy’s Parade for ‘Exposing’ Viewers to LGBTQ Representation

One Million Moms has led the charge for a boycott against the beloved Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade after taking issue with the inclusion of transgender and non-binary participants. One Million Moms Lands a New Target One Million Moms, a conservative movement that has made headlines for its LGBTQ agenda, created a petition calling for a … Read more

“Affordability Remains a Significant Hurdle” – Average 30-Year Mortgage Rates Continue To Rise, Pricing Out Homebuyers

For the seventh week, the average interest rate for a 30-year mortgage has increased, maintaining steady growth as homeownership dreams are dashed for millions. Reaching New Heights Mortgage rates are reaching heights not seen in recent years, pricing out many would-be homebuyers. In an already difficult market with low inventory and quickly rising home prices, … Read more

“Our Hearts Are Heavy With Grief” – Rep. Jared Golden Calls for Gun Control After Hometown Mass Shooting

Jared Golden has spoken out about his past opposition to gun bans and his future plans to support gun control efforts after his hometown suffered a mass shooting. Mass Shooting Sparks Change of Heart In the wake of Wednesday’s mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, Representative Jared Golden (D-Maine) has opened up about his change of … Read more

New Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, Raises Concern Among Democrats as ‘Extreme Right-Wing Ideologue’

Representative Mike Johnson (R-LA) has been elected Speaker of the House, following weeks of uncertainty as the House of Representatives went without a leader. Jeffries Weighs In Johnson’s Democratic colleagues have concerns about the new Speaker. “I don’t know Mike Johnson well,” Hakeem Jeffries told CNN. “Based on his track record, he appears to be … Read more

“Abusing Taxpayers To Chase Headlines”? – Biden Forgives Nearly $50 Billion in Student Loan Debt, Republicans Cry Foul

President Biden has gone around the Supreme Court and managed to use loopholes to forgive nearly $50 billion in student loan debt. Find out what this means for borrowers and what Republicans have to say. “Past Administrative Failures” Need Addressing Citing the “past administrative failures” that led to fewer borrowers seeing debt relief, the Biden … Read more

“The Outward Showing of Hate Again, It’s Infuriating to Me” – Judy Shepard Speaks Out: Are LGBTQ Rights Under Threat 25 Years After Matthew’s Tragic Death?

Matthew Shepard was a 1998 hate crime victim who lost his life to anti-LGBTQ hatred. His mother, Judy, speaks out about legislation that puts queer people at risk. Find out what she has to say. Parents Speak Their Minds Speaking to The Today Show, Judy Shepard discussed the state of LGBTQ rights in the United … Read more