Houston’s Walmarts Could Become The City’s Busiest New Hospitals

While millions of Americans are struggling with the cost of medical bills, drug prices, and healthcare in general, Houston residents might be able to find some help. And it’s coming from one of the most unlikely places—Walmart. Walmart’s Shift in Healthcare Strategy Walmart’s new “all in one” health centers are slowly being phased in as … Read more

America’s College Cost Crisis – Colleges Now Charging Over $90,000 Per Year

College in America just got more expensive for millions of students. Here’s the full story. The Escalating Cost of College America’s colleges are close to hitting the $100,000 per year mark, as multiple institutes have confirmed that they will start charging upwards of $95,000 p/y from this fall. America’s College Price Surge While some law … Read more

Texas Solar Eclipse Forecasted to Bring Billion-Dollar Economic Surge

The recent solar eclipse in Texas is projected to generate a significant economic boost. With major cities like Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio in its path, the event attracted millions of residents and tourists. Economists estimate visitor spending to reach hundreds of millions, with each visitor spending around $300. Despite concerns about inflation, Texas’ … Read more

Return to the Office and Earn an Extra $20,000 a Year

New research into remote work has revealed some interesting findings that many people may want to take note of. Here’s the full report. The Remote Work Revolution In the years since 2020, remote working has increased tenfold. Insights from 2023 Data According to 2023 data, around 13% of full-time employees work from home, and almost … Read more

Secretive Russian ‘Storm-Z’ Squads Exposed – Inside the Controversial Units Deployed in Ukraine

In the heart of the ongoing Ukraine conflict, a sinister specter from history has reared its head as Russia deploys punishment battalions known as “Storm-Z” squads. These units consist of a motley crew: drunk recruits, insubordinate soldiers, and convicts, all pressed into service in the most dangerous of military endeavors. Secretive Russian Storm-Z Squads Exposed … Read more

Allegations of Unfair Competition – Barman Challenges Heptathlon Bronze Medal

In the aftermath of the highly competitive 2023 Asian Games Heptathlon, where athletes from across the continent showcased their skills and determination, controversy has erupted as a heptathlete who narrowly missed the podium accused the third-place bronze medal winner of being transgender. Bronze Medal Controversy India’s Swapna Barman, who finished in fourth place, expressed her … Read more