Soaring Mobile Home Prices Targeted by Florida Plan

As rent prices rise across the nation, some states are taking matters into their own hands. Let’s take a look at Florida’s latest measure to improve the lives of its residents. The Affordability Crisis in Mobile Home Parks Mobile homes used to be an affordable alternative to traditional housing.  The Rise of Mobile Home Communities … Read more

How Colorado’s Gun Tax Could Affect Your Budget

In November, residents of Colorado will be asked to decide the outcome of a new bill that could significantly raise the price of a very controversial yet much-loved household item.  House Bill 24-1349 Hot on the heels of California, Colorado lawmakers are debating putting a tax on an American favorite – guns and ammo. House … Read more

Financial Anxiety is Keep Americans Up at Night

Does money matter? That’s the question that financial service company Acorns sought to answer in their latest survey, which posed questions relating to money, mental health, and financial security to 5000 Americans. Let’s take a look at the survey’s results. Financial Anxiety in America Acorns “Money Matters Report” has revealed an overwhelming sense of unease … Read more

Is Guilt Costing You $500 Each Year?

A new study has revealed a curious habit that most Americans are unwillingly partaking in that’s costing them upwards of $500 a year. Curious as to what that could be?  A Divisive Issue  Tipping – it’s a controversial subject. With so many service industry workers relying on tips to supplement their low wages (minimum wage … Read more

Biden Commits $3 Billion for Lead-Free U.S. Water Systems

In a bid to avoid another water crisis reminiscent of Flint, Michigan, Biden’s administration has announced a slew of funding that will go towards ensuring towns have easy access to clean and safe drinking water.  Government’s Three Billion Dollar Initiative Biden’s administration has just announced over three billion dollars in funding to ensure communities across … Read more

AARP Study Highlights Financial Woes Across Generations

According to the latest AARP Financial Security Trends Survey, more young Americans are feeling optimistic about the future of their finances. Unfortunately, it’s not all plain sailing – as the older generation’s worries are piling up. Financial Outlook for Americans New survey results from AARP are painting a unique picture of American society. Rising Optimism … Read more

Taxing the Rich: Biden’s Plan to Combat Racial Inequality

President Biden and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen have revealed their game plan to fix the racial wealth gaps that have historically made it tough for people of color to get ahead in America. Wealth Barriers for Minority Communities Americans – especially those from minority communities – have faced huge barriers to achieving financial security for … Read more

Why 79% of Americans Are Scared to Discuss Their Finances

A new report into financial angst has shown just how many people are concerned about their finances, as it has revealed that the majority of Americans are struggling with financial stress – among other things.  Financial Anxiety for Most NerdWallet’s 2024 report into financial angst delves into Americans’ deep concerns about money. It looks at … Read more