Wall St Crash Predictor Sounds Dire Warning of A Recession Ahead

Financial analyst Gary Shilling had some tough words for people across the nation this week, with a dire warning about America’s tardy economy.  Expert’s Warning Despite the Biden administration repeatedly touting the strength of the economy, one expert strongly disagrees – Gary Shilling. Gary Shilling Predicts Recession Ahead In an interview with Newsweek, Shilling claimed … Read more

Nationwide Struggles Impact ‘Food is Medicine’ Initiatives

Have you ever heard of “food is medicine” programs? Essentially, it comes from the concept that the food we eat directly affects our health and risk of disease. These programs propose that to alleviate the strain on hospitals and healthcare, people should have equal access to healthy foods. Well, these initiatives are currently gaining speed … Read more

Drug Supply Crisis Resulting In Record Shortages

America is facing an unprecedented pharmaceutical crisis, and it could affect the drugs you take on a daily basis. Escalating Drug Shortages Drug shortages in America have never been worse, according to data from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) and a study by the University of Utah Drug Information Service.  A Longstanding Issue … Read more

$70 Million Migrant Plan Causes Rift in Chicago Council

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is back in the news this week after winning council members’ approval of his new plan to release $70 million to fund migrant services. Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Plan Approval In a 20-8 vote, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson won support for his plan, which had previously divided council members.  Behind-the-Scenes Lobbying … Read more

Outrage in Denver as Police Funding Diverted to Migrant Aid

Denver’s recent Newcomer Operations and 2024 Budget proposal has prompted a major outcry against the city’s plans to defund the police in order to free up more money to cover the migrant crisis.  Denver’s Budget Allocation for Undocumented Migrant Arrivals Sanctuary City Mayor Mike Johnston announced the new budget, which includes just under $90 million … Read more

Ohio’s Child Care Crisis: Governor DeWine Vows Relief for Families

Governor of Ohio Mike DeWine has announced that he’s going to be directly tackling the childcare crisis that’s gripping the state in his State of the State address, alongside a whole host of other child-focused policies.  DeWine’s Childcare Voucher Program The news with the biggest potential impact for thousands of families across Ohio is that … Read more

California’s Cannabis Delivery Workers Secure Deal, Cancel 4/20 Strike Threat

Eaze Technologies and union negotiators announced on Wednesday they have reached a settlement to avoid a work stoppage across California on April 20, the marijuana industry’s busiest retail day of the year. Threat of Strike Nearly 600 workers threatened to strike after ongoing disputes over pay and working conditions. Eaze Company Background Workers from 11 … Read more

Middle Class Betrayed as Congress Favors Rich with Tax Cuts

Congress has passed a slew of tax breaks for the wealthy worth almost $300 billion under the guise of helping the average American. Investigating Secure 2.0 Politico’s latest investigation charts the course of a 2022 bill called the Secure 2.0 Retirement Savings Act and how it has expanded into the behemoth it is now. The … Read more

Soaring Growth for Florida’s Economy Expected in 2024

A new forecast from UCF economist Sean Snaith – the director of UCF’s Institute for Economic Forecasting – has explored the future financial prospects of the sunshine state, and it seems as though things may be taking off.  Florida’s Economic Outlook As we move into the winter of 2024, Snaith predicts that Florida’s economy will … Read more