Budget Cuts Hit NYC Hard – Cardi B Voices Concerns About Deteriorating Cities

Rapper Cardi B, previously an endorser of President Joe Biden, expresses frustration over the state of the economy and the allocation of funds to wars while American cities face deterioration.

Explosive Rant

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Cardi B initiates an expletive-laden rant, declaring her current anger state and her concerns imminent expression.

Warning Online

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Prefacing her rant online, the rapper cautions that speaking the truth could have consequences, implying potential backlash.

Budget Cuts Impacting NYC

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Cardi B highlights the significant budget cuts in New York City, attributing them to the migrant crisis, with an estimated cost of $11 billion over the next two years.

Drastic Consequences

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The sweeping budget cuts resulted in severe reductions, including the NYPD force, the Department of Education’s budget, Sanitation Department funds, and closures of public libraries on Sundays.

Concerns About Rat Infestation

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Cardi B predicts a surge in rat populations due to the budget cuts, expressing concern about the deteriorating state of New York City.

Pledge to Stop Endorsements

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Despite endorsing Biden in 2020, Cardi B declared she would no longer endorse any presidential candidates, criticizing the government’s allocation of funds.

Critique of Biden’s Priorities

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Cardi B questions the government’s priorities, contrasting a $100 million budget cut in New York City with the funding of wars, expressing disappointment in President Biden.

Impact on the Hood

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Acknowledging her own luck, the rapper expresses concern for her relatives and friends living in impoverished neighborhoods affected by the budget cuts.

NYC’s Current State

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Cardi B emphasizes the existing dirtiness of New York City and anticipates worsened conditions due to the budget cuts.

Criticism of War Funding

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The rapper argues that the U.S. government cannot afford to fund wars, explicitly mentioning the Ukraine-Russia and the Middle East conflicts.

Escalating Situation

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Cardi B warns her followers that the current situation is escalating and expresses her discontent with the Biden administration.

Recession Claims

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Calling out the Biden administration, Cardi B asserts that the country is undergoing a recession, emphasizing the severity of the economic challenges.

Nationwide Impact

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The rapper predicts that the budget cuts affecting New York City will extend to the rest of the country, impacting communities nationwide.

Reality Check

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Cardi B contrasts celebrity gossip with the world’s critical issues, emphasizing the gravity of the current global situation.

Past Biden Endorsement

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Reflecting on her past endorsement of Biden, Cardi B’s criticism greatly contrasts her previous support, revealing a shift in perspective and disappointment with current affairs.

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