15 Cities That Travelers Won’t Visit Because Of Their Bad Reputations

Going on trips or even visiting another country is a great thing to do and can be a learning experience for the whole family.

However, only some destinations are hospitable and, many cities have become notorious for all sorts of trouble. As a traveler whether by yourself or with your family, these places are best to avoid. 

According to Reddit users, here are some of the cities with the worst reputations that you don’t want to find yourself in.

#1. Cairo, Egypt

One user says they have spent two years in the city said she was constantly harassed sexually, while another Redditor noted that the only time you should live in Cairo is if you are friends with locals willing to watch over you and follow you everywhere.

#2. Gary, Indiana – U.S.A.

One man shared his experience after telling his wife’s family that they should stop in the city. According to him, they all gave him a dirty look of appraisal before telling him how terrible the city was.

#3. Mogadishu, Somalia

This city is so bad there is an official warning from the US government telling people to avoid going there.

This is because of the prolonged activity of the al-Qaida-affiliated terrorist group, al-Shabaab, which led to the death and kidnapping of civilians in places like airports, government buildings, hotels, and shopping areas.

#4. Port-au-Prince, Haiti

A Reddit user who works with refugee families from the city claimed that the stories that originated from there were bone-chilling.

Despite the city’s bad rep, many users claimed that Haitians were very amicable and hard-working.

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#5. Gallup, New Mexico – U.S.A.

One Redditor from an office in the city claims that it is not a great place to reside but that things could be worse.

Another user recalled their only experience with the city. It saw them picking up glass and needles from the dirt where they had to play rugby. He was not impressed.

Finally, a third commenter said, “That entire strip of New Mexico gives me The Hills Have Eyes vibes.”

#6. Kingston, Jamaica

This city has a saying many people have taken to heart. It reads, “If you don’t have business in Kingston, you have no business in Kingston.”

One Redditor who claimed to have attempted to see the “real Kingston” said that they were physically restrained by a kind shopkeeper who said things could get ugly if they went deeper into the city.”

“I have traveled to other parts of Jamaica, and the island is one of the most beautiful places on Earth,” one user commented.

#7. Qatar

One person joked that his friend had to join the military to get a complimentary visit to the country.

Many thought the country did not deserve the privilege of hosting the soccer world cup because of Qatar’s stance on lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender people.

#8. Forks, Washington – U.S.A.

Someone joked, “Forks, Washington. The place is full of emo vampires and werewolves,” referencing its connection to the Twilight Saga.

Another user claimed that it is better to explore the parks and beaches around the place because there was not much in Forks except for indigenes not being too tolerant of outsiders.

Many suggested it has heavy drug use. Another person exclaimed, “Honorable mention to Spokane and Newport!” And since I’m from Washington state, you should also avoid Granite Falls and Lakewood by Tacoma.

#9. Sundown Towns – U.S.A.

One user described Sundown Towns as an all-white town that has decided to remain that way. Another user implied that it was a place avoided by “negro motorists.” Not the best place for people with colored skin.

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#10. Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

“Ciudad Juárez, Mexico,” one person shared, “Bad news down there. According to Redditors, many bad things happen here, especially kidnapping and extortion. One user claimed that you only went into the town if you knew the area and had nothing flashy on you.

#11. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Some users claimed that Dubai still uses enslaved people and that there is an oil dystopia. Others argued that the weather was not very great and was just the playground for the affluent.

#12. Wittenoom, Western Australia

This city has become an empty area that the government is now looking into demolishing. One user claimed that the city has a sordid history and asbestos exposure risks. Another user stated that there was only one more person living there, which is why the city still stands.

#13. Pyongyang, North Korea

It is where the elites in North Korea Live, but as the country has a bad reputation, many have only bad things to say about the place.

#14. Guadalajara, Mexico

This city has fallen to many crimes, especially kidnapping. One user claimed that their company had to hire private security to ensure the safety of the workers.

#15. East St Louis, Illinois

There always seems to be news about crimes in this city. One user claimed his aunt who is her 90s almost had a heart attack when she learnt they were stopping by for gas.

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is someplace significant missing from this list?

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