Illinois’s $50 Million Effort to Fight Homelessness

The governor of Illinois has asked for more funding to target homelessness rates in the state, with a particular focus on the Black homeless community. New Plan to Fight Homelessness Illinois Governor JB Pritzker released a new proposed plan to combat state-wide homelessness last week, with a focus on reducing the racial disparity evident in … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Smart Home Technology for American Homes

Smart home technology has revolutionized the way we live, offering convenience, efficiency, and enhanced security. From voice-activated assistants to automated climate control, the range of options can be overwhelming. How can you ensure you’re making the right choices to turn your house into a smart home? Here’s your ultimate guide to integrating smart technology seamlessly … Read more

Life After 50: 20 Things That Turned Out to Be Fiction

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21 American Habits They Wouldn’t Tolerate Abroad

Americans sure have their quirks, but what flies at home doesn’t always get a pass on the global stage. From supersized meals to the casual invasion of personal space, our everyday norms can sometimes leave the rest of the world scratching their heads. Ever wondered what American habits might not sit well abroad? #1. Tipping … Read more

Discover 17 Countries Where Female Americans Can Escape Sexism

American women are looking for empowerment and inspiration across the globe! If you’re fed up with environments where sexism prevails, you’re not alone. Here are 17 countries that provide safe spaces for women seeking equality. From the frosty expanses of Iceland to the warm beaches of New Zealand, each destination isn’t just an escape from … Read more

20 Tactics for Teaching Kids About Work and Money

Teaching children about frugality and a strong work ethic are valuable life lessons that can help them grow into responsible, self-reliant adults. Here’s how you can instill these important values in your kids: #1. Earn Allowances Teach your children that money is earned by setting up a system where they can earn allowances for completing … Read more

The Tips Parents Wish They Hadn’t Followed

Parenting is a journey filled with advice from all corners—some good, some bad, and some that fall out of favor as times change. Here are several examples of once-popular parenting advice that many parents now look back on with regret. #1. Gina Ford’s Cry It Out Method The “cry it out” method, popularized by Gina … Read more

The U.S. States Suffering from the Worst Roads

Ah, the joy of American roadways. Potholes deep enough to double as swimming pools, traffic like a parade that nobody wanted to attend, and road markings as mysterious as crop circles. If you’ve ever fantasized about driving in a post-apocalyptic movie, these states have got you covered: #1. Louisiana Louisiana consistently ranks poorly for road … Read more

20 Foods That Should Never Make Your Shopping List

These culinary culprits might look innocent sitting on your plate or lurking in your pantry, however they’re anything but. So, here’s the lowdown on the 20 foods that are secretly plotting against your health.  #20. Microwave Popcorn Those convenient bags are lined with chemicals that are best buddies with cancer. Plus, the “butter” flavor? Let’s … Read more

Why These 18 Foods Were Pulled from Shelves Forever

Over the years, various foods that were once staples in American kitchens have been banned or are no longer allowed to be sold due to health, environmental, or ethical reasons. Here’s a list of 18 such items, detailing why they’ve been pulled off the market. Do you remember any of these? #1. Trans Fats Partially … Read more

Nationwide Struggles Impact ‘Food is Medicine’ Initiatives

Have you ever heard of “food is medicine” programs? Essentially, it comes from the concept that the food we eat directly affects our health and risk of disease. These programs propose that to alleviate the strain on hospitals and healthcare, people should have equal access to healthy foods. Well, these initiatives are currently gaining speed … Read more