17 Types of Money Drainers Hiding in Plain Sight – Are You Aware?

Hey, let’s talk. You’ve been feeling a bit strapped for cash lately, right? I’ve been watching, and I think I know why. It’s not just the unexpected expenses; it’s the people around you. Some of them, perhaps without even realizing it, are slowly siphoning your funds. Let’s go through the list, shall we? Time for some real talk.

#1. The Enabler

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You know the one. Always suggesting another round of drinks or a weekend getaway. Sounds fun, but have you noticed how it’s always your tab getting bigger?

#2. The Ghoster

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This person is all in for splitting the dinner bill but disappears faster than Houdini when the check arrives. Ever tally up how much those “I’ll Venmo you later” promises have cost you?

#3. The Perpetual Borrower

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They’re always in a pinch and needing to borrow cash. But when payback time rolls around, suddenly it’s like you’re speaking a different language. How many times have you let it slide?

#4. The Sales Pusher

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Got a friend who’s always roping you into their latest MLM or insisting you buy from their side hustle? Sure, supporting friends is great, but not when it feels like a subscription you never signed up for.

#5. The High Roller

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They love luxury and, more importantly, love you being part of their high-end escapades. But ask yourself, can your wallet keep up with their taste?

#6. The Birthday Zealot

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Every celebration needs a party, according to them. But when their definition of a party involves extravagant gifts and pricey outings, it’s your finances that are blowing out the candles.

#7. The Trendsetter

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Always sporting the latest tech or fashion? It’s cool until you find yourself shopping to keep up. Is it really your style, or are you trying to mirror theirs?

#8. The FOMO Friend

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They’re the master of “You had to be there” moments. Missing out stings, but so does checking your depleted bank account after every must-attend event.

#9. The Guilt Tripper

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This person has a knack for making you feel obligated to spend. Whether it’s for a cause they’re passionate about or just because they’re feeling down, your wallet isn’t a therapy session.

#10. The Competitor

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Everything’s a contest, including who can spend the most. It’s exhausting, isn’t it? Competing financially doesn’t earn you medals, just overdraft fees.

#11. The Co-worker Collector

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Office fundraisers, leaving presents for someone you barely speak to, or chip-ins for a boss’s gift. It adds up faster than you can say, “It’s for the team spirit.”

#12. The Never-Planner

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They wing it, and somehow you end up paying more than planned. Whether it’s last-minute tickets or booking fees, spontaneity has its price, and somehow it’s always you footing the bill.

#13. The Bad Influencer

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Not the social media kind, but the one who’s always suggesting you treat yourself. Sure, self-care is key, but not every day is a “treat yo’ self” day.

#14. The Debt Denier

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They owe you money but act like it’s a figment of your imagination. Suddenly, you’re the bad guy for bringing it up.

#15. The Subscription Suggester

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“Hey, you should totally get this app/service!” So you do, and then never use it. Yet, there goes your cash, month after month.

#16. The Disaster Date

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Dating is expensive, especially when your dates never seem to go well. How much are you willing to invest in the search for “the one”?

#17. The Family Financier

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Family first, always. But when you’re always the go-to for loans, gifts, or bailouts, it’s worth asking: are you a relative or a walking ATM?

Time for a Heart-to-Heart

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Look, everyone spends money differently, and that’s okay. But if you’re feeling the pinch, it might be time to consider who you’re spending your time (and money) on. Are these transactions adding value to your life, or just subtracting from your bank account? Sometimes, a little financial boundary-setting is all it takes to turn things around. Remember, it’s not about being stingy; it’s about being smart. How about we start making choices that make sense for us, not just for those around us?

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