10 Terrible Makeup Trends That Were Thankfully Fleeting

Do you love to keep up with the latest makeup fads? Do you yearn to be a trendsetter, turning heads with your unique, cutting-edge looks? Well, you’ll want to give these trends a wide berth.

From bizarre techniques to questionable styles, these trends will make you wonder what people were thinking. So sit back, grab your makeup kit, and prepare to be amazed (or horrified) by these failed beauty fads.

1. Wavy Lips

The wavy lips makeup trend was a bold and unconventional look that gained popularity on social media platforms like Instagram. While some praised it for its artistic creativity, others found it impractical and unflattering in real life.

2. Brow Carving

Creating intricate designs and shapes with eyebrow products, brow carving was a bold makeup trend. Despite its visually striking appearance, it quickly fell out of favor due to its impracticality for daily wear.

3. Dragon Eyebrows

Dragon eyebrows were a short-lived trend that involved spiking up eyebrow hair to resemble the scales of a dragon. While it gained attention on social media for its unique and bold look, it was ultimately too difficult to maintain and fell off the face of the planet.

4. Squiggle Eyeliner

Squiggle eyeliner was a bold makeup trend that involved drawing wavy, unconventional lines along the eyelids. While it was an attention-grabbing look that could add a fun twist to a makeup routine, it required a steady hand and artistic skill to achieve.

5. Fake Tears

The fake tears makeup trend involves drawing tears under the eyes using makeup products, often paired with a dramatic eye look, creating a unique and emotional aesthetic.

However, this trend has faced criticism for its potential insensitivity towards those suffering from mental health conditions or for trivializing real tears and emotional experiences.

6. Teeth Nails

The teeth nails trend was a bizarre and unsettling fashion statement, where small replicas of human teeth were attached to the nails, creating a disturbing effect. This trend gained popularity on social media but was met with widespread criticism for its eerie and unsettling appearance.

7. Nose Hair Extensions

The nose hair extensions trend involves gluing fake eyelashes onto the nostril hairs to create a whimsical and bizarre look. While it gained some attention on social media, it was mostly seen as a humorous and absurd trend rather than a serious fashion statement. 

8. Back Neck Contouring

Back neck contouring is a makeup trend that focuses on creating shadows and highlights on the back of the neck to enhance its shape and create a slimming effect. It involves using a combination of contouring products and blending techniques to achieve the desired look. 

While it may seem excessive, it has gained popularity among those who want to showcase their back and neck in revealing outfits.

9. Live Ant Manicures

Live ant manicures were a disturbing trend that involved placing live ants onto freshly painted nails. The ants were supposed to be used as accessories and crawl around on the nails, creating a bizarre and unsettling effect. However, animal rights activists widely condemned this trend, and it quickly disappeared.

10. Black Lip Liner

Black lip liner was a popular makeup trend that involved outlining the lips with a dark black shade. The look was often paired with a light or bright lipstick color to create a stark contrast. While the trend has since faded, it has made a comeback in recent years with a more subtle approach, using a softer black or dark brown shade.

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