He Always Claimed His T&E by the Book, Until His Company Decided to Get Petty – So He Got Maliciously Complaint!

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Outrageous Customer Demanded to Buy HER Precious Engagement Ring – Right Off Her Finger! Erm…Mine!

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She Was Uninvited to a Family Wedding – She Was Set on Getting to the Bottom of Why

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Major Meltdown! She Wanted a Discount on a Full-Price Item. She Lost It When She Didn’t Have Her Demands Met!

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His Selfish Sister Didn’t Get Her Own Way So His Own Family Tried to Wreck His Business With Negative Reviews!

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Idiot Airport Worker Drives Her Colleagues to Distraction With Her Lax Attitude to Safety – For Real?

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His Petty Boss Micromanaged His Janitors to the Extreme – Still This One Came Out Sparkling!

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Her Boss Has No Boundaries So She Had to Draw the Line. This Is MY Personal Space, That Is YOURS!

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His Colleague Deleted His Work and Replaced It With His Own – Now He Wants Revenge!

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