The 11 Best Ways to Get Free Stocks You Should Check Now

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Have you ever thought of investing but always backed out because of the risks and money involved? Unfortunately, it is a common problem, and many people do feel intimidated by even the thought of investing their money.

However, if you aim to build your wealth, owning stocks can do wonders for you.

Thanks to several brokerage apps available today, buying ETFs or stocks has become as simple as scrolling through your Instagram profile. It means that stock investment doesn’t require much effort, or time.

And most importantly, many apps also offer free stocks to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Some companies only request you to open an account with them for this offer, while others demand a certain minimum deposit to give you free stocks and even free cryptocurrency in certain instances.

So, if you want to know the best and safe ways to get free stocks, this article might help you find an answer.

How to Get Free Stock – 11 Ways Explained!

Below is the list of companies that can help you get free stocks. The stocks earned from their offers usually have a value within a wide range.

The chances of getting a share worth thousands of dollars are pretty low. But, even earning $7.77 from zero investment is worth taking this step.

You should follow all requirements before signing up on an app. These ways to get free stock come with their own specific instructions; don’t forget to go through the fine print to avoid any issues.

Now that crucial information is out of the way, let’s explore the 11 offers or ways to get free stocks. will help you get your free stocks so you can start earning. This platform aims to create a simple investing world and make it look like a social experience.

The app also offers fractional investing. Those with little money to invest can use this feature to start building wealth.

One of the best things about is its social media feeds. Through this feature, all members can display their investments and comment on different posts.

Here is a breakdown of what to expect from this platform:

  • $20 of stock bonus on one free share.
  • To get this, the platform requests you to deposit $10, make an account and leave the money unused for at least 30 days.
  • Once you have received your stock, you can sell it whenever you like.
  • You can also get free stocks by referring this platform.

Getting started with is relatively inexpensive, as all trades are commission-free. Besides, you can always purchase fractional shares of ETFs and stocks, as you please.

M1 Finance

This platform has many features similar to a robo-advisor, but M1 Finance is entirely free. This platform believes in automated investing without charging any fee.

Moreover, it also helps you get fractional shares of all the investments available on the platform. So, for instance, if you do not have funds to buy a full share of Amazon, you can conveniently purchase a fractional share at a low price rate.

M1 Finance works amazingly to make investment simple for everyone. This platform invests your deposited money as per your preferences and selection.

Moreover, the app also takes care of automatic re-balancing, which means making sure that your asset allocation is in line with your investment.

Currently, M1 Finance is offering free stocks worth $30. You can enjoy this offer by making an account and funding your profile with a minimum amount of $1,000.

Robinhood (HOOD)

Do you know that you can get free stock as soon as you create an account with Robinhood? This stock has a value between $2.50 and $200, and you can get it as soon as your account receives approval.

Robinhood is the very first brokerage that started the trend of commission-free trades. This platform not only allows you to trade ETFs and stocks for free but also stands out with its trading facilities for cryptocurrencies and options.

Moreover, Robinhood doesn’t demand a minimum deposit or fee to open an account. You can also purchase fractional shares.


Firstrade is a brokerage firm that provides various investing tools and products to help improve people’s financial positions. This company deals with IRA’s, stocks, and much more.

It offers free trades and provides a bonus on a sign-up for a short time. Moreover, you can also earn free stocks worth between $3 to $200 by referring this platform.

According to Firstrade’s policies, every account can have a maximum of $500 worth of free stocks. If your account reaches that limit, you may not be eligible to have any extra freebie.


Webull is quite a popular platform that provides different advanced tools and a wide range of investment products. Moreover, unlike most other options on this list, Webull doesn’t charge any fee. You can manage your portfolio using the easy-to-operate Webull mobile app.

Here’s more to Webull:

  • You can also get free stocks by signing up with Webull.
  • However, you will have to deposit a certain amount, preferably more than or equal to $100, to get a free stock.
  • You can then withdraw your stocks as soon as they show up in your account.

While Webull is a great platform, it doesn’t offer fractional shares. This may be a downright disappointment for people who can’t buy full shares, and so they will choose to go for other options to get their free stocks.


One of the ways to get free stocks is by signing up with Nvstr. This platform supports collective wisdom and allows you to collaborate with people who may have more investment knowledge.

You can use your Nvstr account to allocate an investment portfolio through a quick click. This platform uses a technology that believes in an efficient allocation and reallocation of your portfolio.

Moreover, since this platform provides simulated trading, you can learn and practice the rules of trading without any risk.

Here’s how you can get free stocks on Nvstr:

  • As soon as you sign up, you get a free bonus.
  • However, that free stock will only appear on your account if you carry a trade within the first two months of creating an account.
  • While you can’t withdraw this stock during the first 12 months, you can enjoy a rise in this bonus amount due to your investment.
  • Moreover, Nvstr also gives additional free stocks to its members when they refer this platform to their friends.


Acorns is one of the most innovative investing apps that features many valuable rewards and a bundle of free stocks options. For instance, currently, Acorns is offering a $10 free stock or bonus on a simple registration of a new account.

In addition to this, Acorns partnered businesses also give many rewards to its members. For example, whenever you shop through a business affiliated with Acorns, you get a small amount of free stock in your account.

So, whenever a user shops from Amazon, the brand adds a stock amount worth 3% of their purchases in their Acorns account.

This amount takes between 60 and 120 days to appear. Once it shows up, you can sell the stocks and get your money in the form of cash through your bank account.

To put it right, Acorns is a passive income investing platform rather than a stock trading app. It has many different partners, so it’s pretty easy to earn some free stocks through your Acorns account.

However, if you aim to use the app occasionally, Acorns may not suit you. It charges a small fee every month, so the costs of running your account may outweigh the returns.


Quite similar to most cashback coupon apps, Bumped helps you enjoy free stocks for the prices you pay. In addition, Bumped aims to facilitate their users by providing them fractional shares according to their purchases.

Here’s how it works:

  • While creating an account on this platform, you will also be required to put in your credit details.
  • So, when you make a purchase using the mentioned credit card, you will receive free stocks in return.
  • Moreover, you are free to select the funds or stocks you want to get as rewards.

One of the best things about Bumped is that it houses more than 1000 brands. It means you can have different amounts and values of free stocks as you like.

It doesn’t take long to create a Bumped account. Besides, it is quick and easy to operate.


Stash is much more than a simple investing app. You can use this platform to invest, save, learn and bank your earnings correctly. It is safe to say that Stash, with its educational resources and tools, helps people build strong portfolios and efficiently manage their money.

As far as free stocks are concerned, Stash helps you get a debit card through which you can earn your free stocks instead of cash. You can create an account in Stash and earn a free stock worth a specific value. The app is available for iOS, Android, and Desktop users and is entirely free.

Redeeming free stocks with Stash is pretty simple. Moreover, even a $5 investment will help you get a good bonus.


Like Webull, MooMoo is a reliable investing app that features many research tools and data for its users. Its design and function cater to both new and professional traders.

MooMoo offers commission-free trade options to its members and is beneficial for trading ADRs, Options, and ETFs.

You can also get free stock through this app. It usually has a minimum worth of $3, and if you want to earn more stocks, you can deposit a certain amount after the sign-up process.


E*TRADE is currently offering several free stocks for people who plan to open either a brokerage account or a retirement account with them.

The value of free stocks earned depends on your initial investment. However, you can earn a significant amount by transferring a large fund.

Here’s how to get free stock through E*TRADE:

  • On a deposited amount within the range of $10,000 and $19,999, you can get a free stock or bonus worth $50.
  • There is a $100 bonus on a deposited amount of between $20,000 and $24,999.
  • If you want to earn free stocks worth $200 and more, you will have to deposit equal to or more than $25,000.
  • The maximum bonus available is $3,000, and you can get it by depositing more than $1,500,000 to your E*TRADE account.

Why Do Most Companies Offer Free Stocks?

By now, you might be fully aware of the ways to get free stocks.

But have you ever wondered why companies offer these freebies anyway? Don’t these free stocks increase their expenses and harm monthly profits?

Even though the platforms mentioned above lose some wealth with free stocks, they also gain an excellent position to make more money.

For instance, companies offer free stocks to attract more people to sign up and enhance their overall portfolio. So, these offerings successfully work as a marketing strategy that helps different firms gain new customers that can contribute to their overall revenue.

Moreover, free stocks are usually relatively small in amount. Thus, while they benefit most people, they do not add much to the company’s overall expenses.

Can An Existing Member Get Free Stocks?

Most programs offer free stocks to new customers only. However, many companies offer referral bonuses which you can get by referring a platform to a friend or family member.

Moreover, as you might have already read, few services provide free stocks or cashback opportunities when users make purchases from their partner businesses. But that said, these services often charge a fee, so make sure your financial position supports this aspect.

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