List of Easy Jobs That Pay Well This Year

Easy jobs that pay well

We are reposting this article here with the approval of Wealth of Geeks who originally published this piece on jobs that pay well. Can you imagine working comfortably at your own pace and earning a good income? This doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Everyone can have easy jobs that pay well, and here’s … Read more

Interview Questions and Answers: 7 Questions to Expect in an Interview and How to Answer Them

Interview Questions and Answers

Before the interview, you’ll need to spend time researching the company you’re looking to join.   The methods you can use to do this vary in effectiveness and I don’t have the space to write about them here but generally speaking, the more research you’ll do, the more prepared you’ll feel. Interview Questions and Answers … Read more

New York and San Francisco Among the Cities Getting Hit Hardest by the Housing Crisis

New York and San Francisco are cities known for their abundant job markets and large metropolitan populations. Add to this list of designations the country’s two most challenging housing markets. In the current economic climate, additional financial pressure on housing pushes some working Americans out of the cities, regardless of their employment status. A recent … Read more

12 of the Best Uplifting Self-Care Quotes For Inner Happiness

Self-Care Quotes for Inner Happiness

This post on self-care quotes for inner happiness was originally published on Career Step Up. We received permission to republish it here. Mental health is essential to one’s well-being, especially in today’s stressful world.  While it is essential to maintain a healthy physical lifestyle, ensuring a strong mental state is equally important.  A vital step … Read more