What’s Hot in Europe: The Top Three Most Popular Stocks Across the Pond

What do electric vehicles and entertainment organizations have in common? They are the two industries Europeans choose to invest in most. A recent study reveals that Tesla claims 71% of European search volume. But which other organizations are most searched, and why? In January of 2023, casino review site Bonusetu.com analyzed Google Trend results for … Read more

What Buyers Need to Consider in The Current Housing Market

housing market

The winds have turned on the US housing market. After months of weathering unimaginably high prices and endless bidding wars, weary buyers may find reprieve in the incremental price decline. However, experts are warning buyers to beware: lower prices may not mean an easier ride. House hunters should take heed of the current market, and … Read more

Safeguard Your Sanity This Holiday Season, Skip These U.S. Airports With Long Wait Times 

airport wait times

The holidays are a time to celebrate with family, but the joy of the season can quickly be snuffed out by endless hours spent waiting to make it through Immigration. Don’t get caught off guard by longer-than-expected wait times. Take note of these airports with the longest queue times and consider budgeting in extra time … Read more

New Inflation Data Is Promising, But Americans Aren’t Out of the Woods Yet


The October Consumer Price Index (CPI) revealed inflation increases eased to 7.7% from the September reading of 8.2%, but issues like supply chain and unemployment levels could keep Americans from seeing prices return to normal anytime soon. As much as this appears to indicate an incremental cooling of inflation, experts are predicting prices to remain … Read more