Searching for Yield: Massachusetts Leads Nationwide Increase in Interest in Dividend Related Searches

Recent findings from a study analyzing dividend-related search engine terms in the U.S. reports that Americans are overall showing increasing interest in dividend-related topics. 

Residents in Massachusetts are most interested in dividend-related queries, ranking the most interested state in the past 30 days and the fourth most interested state in the past 12 months. Alabama, Arizona, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Alaska, and Oklahoma also demonstrate a recent spike in searches.

It seems that there is finance-related material everywhere we turn these days, begging to be consumed. Whether through online budgeting courses, ads for new investing apps, Youtube videos of personal financial journeys, or how to get rich quick books, Americans are continuously exposed to a plethora of financial advice. Unsurprisingly, many Americans are choosing to do their own economic research online to educate themselves on the subject.

A recent study conducted by Wealthy Living analyzes search data from across the nation. Popular dividend-related search terms were studied using a search engine optimization tool, Ahrefs, and each state ranks on a scale from 0-500. 

How does your state fare?

Top Google Search Terms Related to Dividends Across America

The Wealthy Living study collected data to determine which states often search for dividend-related queries. All states receive a ranking on a scale of 0-500, with higher scores indicating the states that are searching dividend-related terms more frequently. Five search terms examined in the study are: “dividend stocks,” “best dividend stocks,” “high dividend stocks,” “what is a dividend, “and “dividend aristocrats.”

“Dividend stocks” is the term most searched nationwide, with 45,000 monthly searches on average. Following “dividend stocks,” “best dividend stocks” garners 35,000 monthly searches. “High dividend stocks” ranks in the middle of the pack with 28,000 monthly searches, and “what is a dividend” and “dividend aristocrats” are the least searched terms with 21,000 and 15,000 monthly searches nationwide, respectively.

This data was then analyzed and aggregated for each state into the 0-500 ranking system, which indicates the general interest in dividends by state.

The data shows that scores differ by minimal margins between states, indicating that dividend intrigue is consistent among all U.S. residents.

States With the Most Searches in the Last 30 Days

Residents in Massachusetts demonstrate the most overall interest in dividend-related queries, ranking fourth for highest search volume in the past 30 days and first highest in the past 12 months. 

Alabama also has a notable placement on the 30-day search list, ranking first after not ranking on the 12-month list. This dramatic spike in searches indicates that Alabama residents are becoming increasingly interested in dividends as of late. The top search terms in Alabama are “high dividend stocks” and “dividend aristocrats.” 

A similar story presents itself for residents of Arizona, who rank second after Alabama for search volume in the last 30 days – Arizonans also do not appear on the 12-month list. 

In rank order, the states with the highest dividend-related search queries in the last 30 days are Alabama, scoring 255 points; Arizona, with 236 points; Massachusetts, with a score of 223; Hawaii close behind at 221; Wisconsin, at 217; Minnesota with a score of 204; Alaska with 198 points; Maryland at 184; Oklahoma at 179; and Illinois, rounding out the list with a score of 177. 

Overall, the difference in scores from first place to tenth is 78 points.

States With the Most Searches in the Last 12 Months

A clear geographic trend presents itself when examining the data on search volume over the last 12 months, with East Coast states leading the country in dividend-related searches. Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey residents search “dividend aristocrats” and “highest dividend stock” the most overall.

Massachusetts leads the country with a score of 348. Following Massachusetts, Connecticut places second at 333 points; New Jersey places third at 326; South Carolina follows at 318 points; Hawaii takes fifth place with 309 points; Nevada is close behind with 307; Illinois scores 300 points; Florida and Maryland tie for eighth place with 297 points; and Michigan completes the top ten with a score of 294. 

Six states show a decrease in interest in dividend-related queries recently, as they appear on the 12-month list, but do not rank on the 30-day list. These states are Connecticut, New Jersey, South Carolina, Florida and Michigan. 

The spread of scores from first ranking to tenth is 54, indicating somewhat similar search volume overall. 

States With Sustained Interest in Dividends

Of the ten states ranking on the 30-day list and the 12-month list, only four have sustained interest in dividend-related searches. The states that appear on both lists are Massachusetts, Hawaii, Illinois, and Maryland. Their rankings all vary between the two lists, however, their point differential is minimal, indicating fairly consistent interest. 

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