What’s Hot in Europe: The Top Three Most Popular Stocks Across the Pond

What do electric vehicles and entertainment organizations have in common? They are the two industries Europeans choose to invest in most. A recent study reveals that Tesla claims 71% of European search volume. But which other organizations are most searched, and why?

In January of 2023, casino review site Bonusetu.com analyzed Google Trend results for each European country (with the exception of Holy See, Kosovo, Monaco and San Marinoto) to determine which stocks were most prevalent in each country. They looked at Google Trend, Ahrefs, Companiesmarketcap, Google Finance, World data and Gov.uk. to assess search data from the last 12 months. 

The findings show three stocks most favored in multiple countries and a handful of other stocks that rank high in just one country each. 

The Top Three Stocks


Despite being at its lowest share price since December 2020, Tesla still ranks in the top spot for search volume in Europe. 

Not only does it rank for the highest volume overall, but it also claims the first-place spot in 28 European countries. By disaggregating the data, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Finland make up nearly 50% of all Tesla searches, and Sweden alone accounts for 17% of search volume or 207,000 searches per month. 

Other countries that rank in the top 10 for Tesla searches include Spain, Belgium, Italy (6% of total Tesla searches each), Norway, Switzerland (5%), and Poland (4%). 

A Bonusetu.com spokesperson commented on the ranking: “It’s interesting to see how even though Tesla has its lowest share price since December 2020, it can still dominate the search results of 28 European countries. This is even more interesting when we consider that Tesla has a market cap loss of 66.30% in the past 12 months.”


Placing second overall is AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc, or as referred to on the New York stock exchange, AMC. AMC ranks number one in five European countries, including the United Kingdom (74% of total AMC searches), Germany (17%), Ireland (6%), Croatia (3%) and Liechtenstein (a fraction of a percent). 

Countries of note investing in AMC are Germany and the UK, which rank fourth and fifth on the list of largest global economies. This search volume raises some eyebrows, however, as AMC’s January 6, 2023 price sat at $3.83, while its peak price in June of 2021 was $62.49. 

The study speculates that investors in these countries may be putting their cash into AMC in hopes that it will regain “meme stock” status – that is, increased popularity due to social sentiment – expecting that could result in significant spikes in the months ahead. 


Nio Inc (New York Stock Exchange’s NIO) ranks third overall for the highest search volume in Europe. There are four countries whose top search is Nio, and these include Romania (64% of total Nio searches), Slovakia (20%), Serbia (14%) and Andorra (1%). Romania’s 64% share of Nio searches represents 26,000 unique searches per month.

Headquartered in Shanghai, Nio Inc is an automobile manufacturer that has recently hit a production milestone of 300,000 EVs, which could contribute to higher search volumes moving into 2023. 

Other High-Ranking Stocks

Following the top three stocks are a handful that rank first in one European country only. These include Virgin Galactic, EPAM Systems, Icelandair and GameStop. Countries that search for these stocks are Montenegro, Belarus, Iceland, and Austria.

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc (perhaps better known by its ticker symbol SPCE) is an American spaceflight organization which recently launched LauncherOne, a failed mission from the UK, which was planning to make the UK the first country to launch satellites into orbit from Europe.

This could be responsible for Virgin claiming first place for search volume in Montenegro, which reflects a search volume of 1,300 monthly searches.

EPAM Systems

On the New York Stock Exchange, EMPAM Systems Inc is known as EPAM. It is an organization with headquarters based in Belarus, and it is also the first Belarus-based company to make it onto the New York Stock Exchange list. EPAM ranks first in search in Belarus, with a search volume of 26,000 per month.


It is no surprise that Iceland’s most popular stock search is for Icelandair Group hf (also known as ICEAIR on the New York Stock Exchange).

Icelandair is Iceland’s leading airline and has hit many lucrative milestones in the last year, including exceeding $487 million in passenger revenues in Q3 of 2022 (its highest-ever) and 3.7 million passengers in 2022 (a 146.6% increase from 2021). Icelandair receives 3,600 searches per month in Iceland.


In January of 2021, GameStop Corp (NYSE’s GME) reached coveted “meme-stock” status when a Reddit page known as wallstreetbets encouraged readers to invest and ultimately inflated GameStop’s value to 86.88 at the time.

The interest in the stock continues in Austria, where GameStop Corp ranks first in search, with a volume of 23,000 searches per month.

Bonusetu’s spokesperson commented on the accessibility of stock market trading for the general public, stating, “We’re living in a time where information and education about the stock market is more accessible than ever. Not just on a national scale but a global one. People don’t have to look much further than their phones to learn the top lessons of Wall Street. As more people look to generate wealth online, the popularity of retail investing will only increase.” 

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