Chicago Public Schools Target Fair Funding by 2025 Despite Budget Crisis

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is getting ready to plan out the 2025 school budget, and it looks like the district will be working hard to focus on your child’s education rather than making controversial budget cuts. Here’s the full story.

Planning Ahead

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CPS CEO Pedro Martinez and Chief Education Officer Bogdana Chkoumbova laid out their plans to help make sure all CPS students get a fair shot at a great education.

Focus on Education

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Here’s what CPS is aiming to do with the 2025 budget: They want to keep the new initiatives and programs that have been helping students bounce back after the disruptive times of the pandemic.

Avoiding Controversial Budget Cuts

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Even though money is tight, they are trying hard to avoid cutting things that directly affect classrooms.

Fair Funding Strategy

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Fair funding for everyone: CPS is aiming for a fair funding strategy so that all students get a top-class education, no matter where they go to school.

Addressing the Budget Gap

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CPS has put almost $500 million more directly into schools in the last three years. But now, with the COVID relief money running out, CPS is facing a big challenge – a $391 million budget gap.

Balancing Tight Finances

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Even with this tough financial situation, CPS is working hard to keep cuts away from classrooms. 

Fiscal Responsibility

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While some schools might see changes in their funding, CPS is planning to keep the total budget for schools the same in FY2025. They are going to find ways to cover the gap by cutting costs and streamlining work behind the scenes.

Enhancing Curriculum and Support

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CPS’s new budget outlines key initiatives for learning acceleration, including providing a top-notch curriculum for all students, increasing training opportunities for teachers and staff, employing dedicated teachers to assist students in catching up, and offering high-quality tutoring in reading and math through the Tutor Corps program.

Offering Programs Beyond Regular Hours

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The extended learning time outlined in the new budget includes more programs outside of regular school hours and during the summer, with schools having the freedom to design programs that fit their students’ needs.

Prioritizing Mental Health Services

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The new budget emphasizes emotional and behavioral support by bringing in extra counselors where they’re most needed, providing resources and services for social-emotional learning, and forming partnerships with mental health providers directly at the school level.

Shift in Funding Model

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Setting the bar high for quality education, CPS is transitioning away from a model primarily based on Student-Based Budgeting (SBB) and shifting towards a more fair and transparent funding model that meets the diverse needs of students across the city.

Guaranteeing Basic Resources for All Schools

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Every school will receive guaranteed basic resources, with additional support tailored to their specific needs. School leaders will gain more control over the allocation of funds to benefit their students. This new approach ensures that all schools, whether they are neighborhood, magnet, or other types, receive the necessary support.

Shielding Classrooms

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Despite facing a budget deficit due to the expiration of federal pandemic aid, CPS is committed to shielding classrooms from cuts. While individual schools may see changes in funding levels, the total budget allocation for schools will not be reduced. 

CPS Students Excelling Post-Pandemic

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Research published in February by Harvard and Stanford universities revealed that CPS students are excelling in the post-pandemic landscape, with kids in grades 3-8 ranking number 1 among other large cities for reading comprehension improvements since the pandemic. 

Reading Comprehension Improvements

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Students in these grades are reading at more than 50% above their grade level, which, according to ABC, is “the largest improvement among large school districts in the country.”

Research Insights

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The universities studied 30 states and looked at district performances, and CPS performed consistently well. 

CPS’s Positive Performance Trajectory

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They scored very highly in math improvements compared to similar districts and ranked third overall for growth in both reading and math among large urban school districts in the country.

Continued Growth

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CPS is trying their hardest to ensure that your child’s education stays top-class as they navigate a tricky budget deficit for the 2024/2025 school year. They’re set on helping students succeed and prioritizing their educational progress following the pandemic.

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