Everyday Items Too Expensive to Justify

Thanks to inflation, rising manufacturing costs, and an upside-down global economy, prices are rising across the board for many of our favorite products and items. But where do consumers draw the line? Recently, concerned consumers have revealed the things that have become so expensive they’re no longer worth purchasing!

#1. Netflix Subscriptions

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Once one of the best values in all of home entertainment, a series of price hikes has soured countless men and women on the prospect of subscribing to Netflix.

“They keep canceling popular shows and generally keep mediocre content,” explains one long-time Netflix subscriber.

“Now they have the ad-supported price tier, which tells me they know their standard product isn’t up to par.” How high does Netflix think they can take their monthly fees?

#2. Fast Food

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Subway’s five-dollar footlong is a thing of the past. McDonald’s dollar menu is anything but.

The sad reality of fast food is that all items have gone up in price, and customers don’t feel that these restaurants are giving them the value they should receive!

I remember when I could buy two double cheeseburgers for $2; although that was less than 20 years ago, it feels like it’s 100! Where have all the bargains in fast food gone?

#3. Tickets to Disney World

Disney Castle
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In 2023, a one-day admission ticket to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is well over $100. Unsurprisingly, the price has gone up every few years like clockwork.

Long gone are the days when Disney World was affordable for working-class families. To visit the “Happiest Place on Earth,” families must scrimp and save for months to afford a bare-bones experience.

Still, it doesn’t stop millions of people visiting Disney World annually; some can’t get enough of the mouse!

#4. Live Concerts

music festival
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For generations, seeing your favorite band or artist perform live has been one of the best ways to spend your hard-earned money.

However, here’s the awful truth about seeing live music nowadays: It will cost far more money than ever before to see your favorite artists perform!

From exorbitant ticket prices to ridiculously marked-up beverages at the venue, seeing a popular musical act is very expensive, and it becomes even more shockingly pricey when seeing major artists like Taylor Swift!

#5. Going to the Movies

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Remember when going to the movies for date night didn’t cost an arm and a leg? In 2023, couples have two choices: Dinner at a restaurant or go to the movies (but not both).

“Thanks to $20 tickets, $40 in snacks per person, movie theaters have priced themselves out of the market,” explains one moviegoer.

I can’t imagine what it’s like for a teenager navigating the high prices of the dating world; how can young men and women pull it off without going into debt?

#6. Homes

Quaint little house home
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According to countless people, home costs have spiraled out of control, making most people believe they’re no longer worth buying.

Interestingly, many argue there has never been a better time to rent an apartment instead of a home outright. As a renter, I can’t see a road to home ownership anytime soon.

Mortgage rates are out of control, and it seems like everyone is waiting for another housing market crash to happen before they pull the trigger and seriously consider purchasing a home!

#7. Frozen Pizzas

Ready-made pizzas in a freezer frozen food
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You know popular grocery store items are getting too expensive when ordering a fresh pizza from a local restaurant becomes cheaper!

One person puts everything in perspective: “It’s cheaper for me to order from Domino’s than buy a frozen pizza from a supermarket,” confesses one woman. “They need to cost significantly less than takeout to be worth it.

In the time it takes for my oven to heat up and for them to cook, I could either drive to the store or pay the extra bucks for delivery.” As a pizza lover, I can’t argue more.

#8. Rideshare Services

Uber driver holding smartphone in Volkswagen car.
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Companies like Uber and Lyft burst onto the scene in the early 2010s with one goal in mind: Put traditional taxi companies out of business by offering rides for rock-bottom prices.

Well, they succeeded, and now that they’re the only game in town, they’ve been slowly raising their prices ever since!

There’s no comparison between rideshare prices of 2015 and prices in 2023; customers today are paying way more for the same basic service.

#9. Soft Drinks

Big Red Soda
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Surprisingly, soft drinks aren’t exempt from inflation and increased manufacturing costs. Favorites like Coca-Cola and Pepsi no longer offer the value proposition most customers are used to in 2023!

“Recently, prices for cases of soda doubled and even tripled at my grocery stores,” reveals one man. “I know it’s unhealthy, and I know I’m getting ripped off. In the end, quitting soda was an easy decision.”

On the bright side, this person will be healthier body-wise and wallet-wise.

#10. New Cars and Trucks

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In 2023, the average price of a new car is a shocking $48,000, showing no signs of slowing down.

The numbers get worse: the price of a new vehicle has increased 33% in the last five years, making it significantly more challenging for ordinary car buyers to purchase a new vehicle without getting into severe debt!

When you add in sky-high interest rates that are prevalent these days, buying a new car or truck is one of the most financially irresponsible decisions a person can make!

#11. Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry's ice cream in a freezer, assorted flavors
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You know the economy is in trouble when Ben and Jerry’s have to raise the prices of their uber-popular ice cream pints!

However, one person is undeterred; he is unlikely to stop buying Ben and Jerry’s anytime soon. “It’s delicious, and I can afford it, but it’s turning into a matter of principle,” one man argues.

“No ice cream is so good that the store-bought version should be that expensive.”

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