Kamala Harris’s Gas Stove in Thanksgiving Photo Draws Ire from Climate Advocates

Vice President Kamala Harris found herself at the center of controversy when a seemingly innocent Thanksgiving post triggered discussions about climate-conscious actions and potential hypocrisy. 

Sharing Her Thanksgiving Photo

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Harris shared a family photo with the second gentleman, Doug Emhoff, extending Thanksgiving wishes to the public. However, sharp-eyed observers quickly noticed a potential contradiction in the image.

She’s Standing Next to a Gas Stove

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The photo’s backdrop revealed Harris standing next to a gas stove—an appliance that the Biden administration had previously considered banning due to environmental concerns.

Critics Called Out the Hypocrisy 

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Critics, including prominent figures like Senator Ted Cruz and former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, were quick to point out the irony of a climate-conscious Democrat posing next to an appliance the administration had contemplated restricting.

NPR Study on Nitrogen Dioxide Emissions

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A study done by NPR measured nitrogen dioxide levels in a kitchen where both a gas stove and oven were in full culinary swing. 

Carbon Dioxide Levels Rose After 12 Minutes

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The results were staggering – after a mere 12 minutes, nitrogen dioxide levels soared to a staggering 60% above the recommended limits established by the World Health Organization.

Connections Between Gas Stoves And Respiratory Issues

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But the story doesn’t end there. Studies have delved into the consequences of the particles emitted by gas stoves, revealing a sinister connection to respiratory issues, particularly in children.

Asthma Linked to Harmful Emissions

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Asthma and other respiratory problems have been linked to these harmful emissions, posing a health risk within the very heart of our homes.

New York Passed State-Wide Ban

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Berkeley, California, became the pioneer city in the United States to enact a ban on installing gas piping in new buildings. New York, the first to pass a state-wide ban, will phase in a law that requires all new buildings to have electric cooking and heating appliances.

‘Wait…That’s a Gas Stove’

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Cruz went online, questioning the apparent discrepancy: “Wait…that’s a gas stove! The same kind Dems want to BAN you from owning.”

‘That Student That They Didn’t Realize it’

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Walker, in a message, pondered whether it was an act of hypocrisy or a simple oversight. “Are they? A) Hypocritical [or] B) That stupid that they didn’t realize it?”

‘Gas Stoves For the Elites’

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Others, like Florida State Rep. Berny Jacques, suggested a third option: a hierarchy where gas stoves are acceptable for elites but not for the general public. “C) Hierarchy …gas stoves for the elites, but not for we the people,” he responded.

40 Million Homes Use Gas Stoves

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Earlier in the year, the Biden administration had discussed the possibility of banning gas stoves due to concerns about air pollutants. Approximately 40 million American households rely on gas stoves. 

‘Any Option is on the Table’

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Richard Trumka Jr., a Biden-nominated commissioner of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, had mentioned that “any option is on the table” in addressing potential risks associated with gas stoves.

Feds Didn’t Proceed With Ban on Gas

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Despite initial discussions and backlash, including from moderate Democrats like Senator Joe Manchin, the federal government did not proceed with a ban on gas stoves. 

New York Dems Implemented Ban

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However, New York Democrats independently banned natural gas and other fossil fuels in new buildings in May, becoming the first state to do so.

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