15 Turn-Offs That Give Girls the Creeps

Marriage is arguably one of the most challenging relationships in our world. There is a lot at stake, and many unconsciously make the mistake of allowing their egos to compete for supremacy.

This is always a recipe for disaster, and many marriage failures today can be traced to the silliness of egos. 

However, what makes marriage far more complex than other relationships is that countless other issues may cause spouses to resent each other.

Things don’t get that bad overnight.

It is usually a build-up of many transgressions or minor issues you have overlooked over time that now irritates you.

Also, specific underlying issues may push you to resent the one you should have a lasting love for. 

Based on the advice of a couples therapist, here are 15 possible reasons women could develop hatred for their husbands.

#1. Flirts With Other Women

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Flirting with other women is a no-no for any marriage that wants to thrive. It breeds insecurity in the woman, and over time it can gradually develop into resentment.

No woman loves playing catch-up when she should be experiencing marital bliss.

#2. Refuses Her Sex

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A healthy sex life is integral to any marriage because it helps build a deeper connection between spouses.

If there has to be a break, it has to be adequately communicated. It is always detrimental to the relationship when a man denies his wife sex.

It leaves the mind wondering what could have gone wrong.

Men avoid sex with their wives for several reasons.

It could be to distance themselves, but in some instances, it could stem from medical or emotionally related issues.

#3. He Cheats

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This is one of the most common reasons why women resent their husbands.

Women feel deeply hurt when the man they love cheats on them.

It almost feels like trust has been broken, but the good thing is such can still be rebuilt with true repentance.

However, serial cheaters are very likely to become resentful of their wives.

#4. She Cheats: The Thrill For Her of Cheating

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It is not abnormal to find someone else attractive when you are married.

However, the problem begins when a woman crosses that line and acts on the attraction. 

Women on a mission to act on their feelings for someone else unconsciously become resentful toward their husbands to justify their attraction to the other person.

#5. He Belittles Her

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Being constantly put down or belittled by a partner can damage a relationship.

Emotional abuse or any form of abuse can have far-reaching consequences, and it is always best to bring yourself out of such situations before things get irredeemably messy. 

#6. He Nags

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“Darling you forgot to do the laundry.”

“Sweetheart, did you get the payment done already?”

“Babe, the dinner did not have the right amount of salt.”

“Honey, do you think you can be faster with the home tidying next time?”

It can be a heavy burden when it feels like your partner is continuously focusing on the things you are not doing right or the negative aspects of your behavior.

If left unchecked, it can spiral out of control and lead to resentment. 

Human beings are prone to lapses; sometimes, a little encouragement will do the magic. 

#7. He Ignores Her

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It might seem surprising, but yes, men who ignore their wives run the risk of getting on their wrong sides.

When there are issues in a marriage, and it seems only one person is invested enough to want to fix things while the other ignores the problems — it can have very unhealthy repercussions. 

#8. Pride

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They say pride goes before a fall, which is not very different in marriage.

When a husband is consumed by his pride and finds it difficult to admit when he is wrong or offer an apology, it could lead to having a scornful wife over time.

#9. He is Self-Absorbed

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It is possible to hate your husband when he only seems to prioritize himself in every situation.

You may not see such behavior when dating because such people are great at pretending.

Still, when your spouse always puts himself first and cares less about your opinions, it is bound to cause a rift. 

#10. Disparity in Views

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Resentment also builds up when two people are too different and cannot find common ground.

People tend to have different core values, personalities, cultural beliefs, and morals. 

These differences tend to clash when people are intolerant and find it difficult to compromise. Such people are incompatible and may need help to avoid grooming hatred for each other.

#11. He Stopped Taking Care Of Himself

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Along the line, something may cause your man to stop trying to look good.

It may be psychological, and some people just give up on looking good, especially after starting a family.

If you find yourself in such a situation, you must communicate your concerns and help him make changes where necessary.

#12. He is Irresponsible

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Marriage raises the stakes as your life becomes intertwined with your spouse. There are many shared interests, including children, bills, mortgages, and several other things.

It is tough to get through all these things when your husband keeps making irresponsible decisions that jeopardize the collective effort.

#13. He Doesn’t Reciprocate

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Love is more beautiful when the two partners are on the same page.

When the husband fails to reciprocate gestures of love and affection, it makes it easy for hate to creep into such relationships over time. 

#14. Lack of Communication

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When communication stops in a relationship, there is bound to be a gap, and the thing about the gap is that it is primarily negative thoughts and feelings that feel it up.

If a husband stops talking about personal issues with his wife, it will push her away over time, leading her to harbor hatred for him.

#15. When They Stop Doing Things Together

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In a marriage, doing things together allows couples to build a solid connection and enjoy each other’s company. 

If you used to enjoy couple activities together but stopped due to busy work schedules, it could negatively affect your marriage.

Some women start to dislike their husbands because they feel he no longer finds them exciting or he sees his job as more important than her. 

For such a person, it is crucial to develop a healthy work-life balance that would allow you to prosper. 

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