Superintendent Stripped of Duties as Texas School Board Investigates Removal of Transgender Student From Musical ‘Oklahoma’

The rural North Texas school board initiated an investigation into the incident where a transgender student lost his role in the high school musical, sparking national attention.

Superintendent Stripped of Duties

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In a consequential move, the school board temporarily removed the school district’s superintendent from overseeing the fine arts department until the investigation concludes.

Administrative Decision Spurs Debate

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The decision comes in response to the administrative choice that led Max Hightower, a senior at Sherman High School, to lose his role and solo in the musical earlier in the month.

Reversal of Initial Decision

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Following public outcry, the school board reversed its initial decision, instructing school leadership to reinstate Max Hightower and others in their original roles in the musical “Oklahoma!”

School Board Defies Texas Political Landscape

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The school board’s actions appear to defy the political landscape in Texas, where conservative policies often limit transgender rights, including recent legislative restrictions.

Max Hightower’s Surprising Experience

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Max Hightower, 17, expresses surprise at the controversy, noting that until this incident, he largely felt accepted in his rural town.

Public Backlash

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The decision to recast Max and other students triggered swift public backlash, with numerous news articles and national organizations condemning the move.

School Board Meeting as a Stage

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The school board meeting becomes a stage for impassioned public comments in support and opposition to Superintendent Tyson Bennett.

Security Intervention

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Security removes a commenter who refuses to yield his time, underscoring the heightened emotions surrounding the issue.

Divided Community Opinions

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Community pastors and former school employees rally to support Bennett. In contrast, others call for his reprimand, citing Title IX as grounds for illegal actions.

Unanimous Board Vote

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The school board unanimously approves hiring an investigator and removes Bennett from supervising fine arts programs. Chief academic officer Amy Pesina assumes the interim role.

Criticisms Against Superintendent

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Superintendent Tyson Bennett faces criticism for his tenure, including the controversial “Stand in the Gap” program and inviting pastors to say prayers during district convocations.

Phillip Hightower’s Perspective

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Phillip Hightower, Max’s father, sees the board’s decision as a “little win” but deems Bennett as still “dangerous” to LGBTQ+ students in the district.

Concerns Beyond Fine Arts

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Phillip questions the broader impact on all students and expresses reservations about Bennett’s influence beyond the fine arts programs.

Superintendent’s Tenure

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In office since May 2022, Bennett has encountered criticisms from parents, raising concerns about his appropriateness and the impact of his initiatives.

Ongoing Challenges

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While the board’s decision addresses immediate concerns, the community grapples with the more significant issues of LGBTQ+ rights and the superintendent’s continued role in the district.

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