“Mom Rage” – What Is It and Why Should Moms Stop Suppressing Their Emotions and Speak Out?!

A viral TikTok video examines the concept of “Mom Rage,” looking at the stresses and challenges faced by mother’s in modern day society. 

What is “Mom Rage?”

“Maybe it’s not ‘mom rage.’

Maybe it’s that mom is doing everything for everybody else and is having her needs met less than everyone else in the house,” Ward states in her thought-provoking video.

Suppressing Emotions

She questions the notion that mothers should simply suppress their anger, highlighting the validity and necessity of their emotional response.

Ward passionately addresses the complex reality of motherhood, acknowledging its joyful moments alongside feelings of isolation, frustration, and self-doubt.

Unfair Burden of Responsibility

She emphasizes how women, being seen as primary caregivers, bear an unfair burden of responsibility for their child’s happiness and success. 

However, when mothers express their concerns, they are often labeled as complainers, which undermines the sustainability and realism of this expectation.

“We need to stop treating all anger from women and moms as if it’s a mental health issue,” Ward advocates.

Don’t Suffer In Silence

She challenges the societal narrative that dictates mothers should silently endure unfairness and inequality, asserting their right to be upset about the challenges they face.

Ward discusses societal inequalities surrounding motherhood, including the perception that mothers “don’t have a job” and the assumption of default parenting.

These valid points shed light on the additional pressures mothers face due to imbalanced childcare responsibilities and inadequate support systems. 

Speaking Out Doesn’t Go Down Well

When mothers dare to speak out against these disparities, they are often unfairly labeled as ungrateful.

“I made a video on mom rage because I have noticed a trend from women who are struggling in motherhood: they look inside themselves and feel they are not enough,” Ward explains.

She highlights the multitude of external factors that contribute to burnout, anger, and resentment in mothers, stressing the need for understanding and support.

Confronting the Concept

Libby Ward’s TikTok video boldly confronts the concept of “mom rage” and challenges societal expectations placed on mothers.

By acknowledging the validity of their frustrations and advocating for change, we can foster an environment that supports and empowers mothers. 

“Therapist here, this is a huge discussion in all of my individual clients and couples clients who have children. every single one,” one user said. 

“I resent my husband, and I feel I’m past the point of return. 😪 THIS RIGHT HERE,” another confessed. 

“It makes me furious. I am exhausted all the time. Zero of my needs met – pulled in a billion directions,” someone wrote. 

It’s crucial to recognize the multifaceted nature of motherhood and work towards creating a more equitable and understanding society for the well-being of all mothers.

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