Affordable Luxuries to Brighten Your Day

Sometimes, life hands you a cold glass of lemonade instead of just the sour fruit. And on occasion, that sour fruit can be made into something sweet. And when you can get nice, little treats on the cheap, it’s a reason to smile, and these are some of our favorite examples of frugal luxuries.

#1. Popcorn Palooza

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If ever there was a frugal luxury, this is it. Imagine a cold night, bundled up in your favorite throw, a new movie ready to play, and a bowl of leveled-up popcorn waiting for you to dig in—flavored powders, salted caramel or peanut butter drizzle, or even sprinkles. However, if you enjoy this popped treat, welcome to the frugal lux club.

#2. Weekly Scour

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For one person, being a mean, clean machine is a life of luxury. They mentioned that cleaning the shower so they can take a long shower and putgting fresh sheets on their bed is a clean experience not to be missed. For them, it’s a weekly compulsion they look forward to the other six days.

#3. Tea Anyone

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When one contributor mentioned loving their electric skillet, another remarked how that reminded them of another great purchase they made. The respondent is now organizing jars to hold several pounds of new teas they love because they bought an electric tea kettle during the pandemic. Tea snobbery is real and here to stay.

#4. Thrifting Is Life

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The thrift shop is one of my favorite places to find clothes and books at crazy good prices. And a participant in Australia feels the same. They often find stellar deals at their local shop or on a Facebook auction page. They also mentioned the compliments they usually receive on their wardrobe at work.

#5. Life’s Little Moments

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The wonderful thing about luxury is that it doesn’t have to be something you buy. As one person said, taking a warm bath, putting good scents through your home, or tending some house plants can all be luxurious in their own way. Taking time to enjoy these life moments is a luxury unto itself.

#6. Journaling/Meditation

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Self-reflection and introspection are some of the most valuable commodities people rarely discuss. But spending a few moments daily writing and meditating can radically change your outlook, help preserve your mental health, and even manifest a better life. It’s an indulgence worth your time and effort.

#7. Social Shutdown

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I’ve heard people talk about taking a social break and shutting down their electronic devices for a day or weekend, and it sounds like a worthy cause. Imagine going a weekend without hearing your phone whistle or a chime to notify you that someone posted to their Facebook feed. It’s called a shutdown, but what I hear is peace.

#8. Upskill

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Sometimes, luxury is learning something new, like a unique skill set. Imagine investing in yourself for half an hour every day so that after a few months, you have a new skill, like learning a new language or mastering Google Suite. These life skills are practical ways to create a better future, one little increment of indulgence at a time.

#9. Giving Back

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Often, we think of luxuries as something we give ourselves, moments we treat ourselves to. But I know some of you grew up hearing the same thing I did: It’s better to give than to receive. In the tally of life’s extravagances, this still holds. Find a way to give back if you’re feeling down or struggling. Donate to a local shelter, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or find a way to meet someone else’s needs. You won’t stay down for long.

#10. Reading Rainbow

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I’m showing my age, but I grew up listening to Levar Burton say you could go anywhere in a book. Getting a great deal on a new pile of books is like purchasing a once-in-a-lifetime experience on the cheap. Libraries usually organize a book sale, and filling up a bag of new adventures for pennies on the dollar can’t be beaten.

#11. Hand Health

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For one individual, treating their hands to specialized soaps during the fall and winter when skin can get extra dry is all the delight they need. They enjoy the apple cider and pine scents from Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap collection.

#12. Two Peas in a Pod

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If ever two little luxuries went together better than wine and music, I haven’t heard of them. For one person, splurging on a good bottle of wine and enjoying some great music is an essential indulgence. Miles Davis’s “Summertime” is on top of their music bliss.

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