“Taking Away a Child’s Right To Learn” – Texas Student Suspended Over Dreadlocks: Family Claims Racial Discrimination and Violation of CROWN Act

A school in Texas has suspended a Black student over his dreadlocks, and now his family has filed a lawsuit saying the CROWN Act protects the hairstyle. Here’s the whole story. Suspended Over a Hairstyle Darryl George is a junior at Barbers Hill High School in Texas. He was suspended from school over his dreadlock … Read more

Presidential Hopeful Nikki Haley Sparks Outrage as She Proposes Raising Retirement Age to Tackle Debt Crisis

Republican presidential candidate, Nikki Haley, says the retirement age in America needs to be raised in order to get control of the country’s debt. Here’s the full story. Federal Entitlement Programs In the United States, federal entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid account for more than half of all government spending.  Raise … Read more

“Evil, an Abuse of Power” – Texas Governor’s Stormy Move Bussing Migrants in a Tropical Storm to la Sparks Controversy

While California was experiencing its first tropical storm in 84 years, a busload of migrants were loaded up in Texas and driven to Los Angeles. Here’s the full story. Migrants Bussed Toward Storm Tropical Storm Hilary brought record rainfall totals and flooding to parts of California. It was the first tropical storm to hit the … Read more

Biden’s Border Wall Backfire: From Steel Barricades to Steel Stockpiles – A Shamefully Secret ‘Taxpayers’ Auction…

After taxpayer dollars were used to purchase billions of dollars worth of border wall material, Biden decided to secretly auction off the leftover steel. Here’s the full story. The Steel Is Rusting More than $300 million worth of steel wall components have been sitting and rusting since Biden took office. These steel wall components were … Read more

Transgender Athlete Shatters Records by 400LBS – A Triumph or Unfair Advantage in Women’s Powerlifting?

A transgender female athlete from Canada broke a national record in women’s powerlifting with a score more than 400 pounds heavier than her next closest opponent. Here’s how people reacted.  Transgender Enters Women’s Category Anne Andres, a transgender female, competed in the Western Canadian Championship for female powerlifters. At 40-years-old, she entered the Female Masters … Read more

Hunter Biden vs. IRS: The Taxing Battle Over Privacy and Prostitution Claims – Are the IRS Whistleblowers Assaulting His Rights?

Hunter Biden filed a lawsuit against the IRS, saying they violated his privacy while investigating his tax affairs. Here’s the whole story.  Personal Tax Information Revealed According to Hunter Biden, two longtime IRS criminal investigative agents, Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, illegally revealed his personal tax information through multiple media statements and interviews. Public Statements … Read more

Princeton University Faces Backlash for Teaching Students That Systemic Racism ‘Disables’ Black People

Princeton University is under fire for teaching students that black men and women are handicapped in this world because of systemic racism. Here’s the full story.  The Course The name of the course being taught is “The Healing Humanities: Decolonizing Trauma Studies from the Global South,” and the curriculum teaches students that black people should … Read more

“Ill-Considered” – McDonald’s Isn’t Lovin’ California’s Fast Food Minimum Wage Increase

A minimum wage increase for fast-food workers in California concerns McDonald’s about a “devastating financial blow.” Here’s the whole story.  $20 Minimum Wage In California, fast-food restaurants with at least 60 locations nationwide must pay their workers a minimum of $20 per hour under a recently passed law. Labor groups wanted even higher wages, but … Read more